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100kW wind turbine


100kW Wind Turbine Application

Aeolos-H 100kW wind wind turbine provided three phase direct-drive generator, no gearbox or booster tool. It is even more trustworthy and also efficient than the induction generator with gearbox or booster. The 100kW wind generator is controlled by PLC controller via touch display screen. Tbelow are triple safety and security protections for Aeolos-H 100kW wind generator consisting of pitch control, PWM dump loading mechanism and also hydraulic brake mechanism. Remote security is the optional configuration for the 100kw wind turbine. You can accessibility the wind turbine manage panel in anywhere with the internet.

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Aeolos-H 100kW wind turbines provide grid on and off grid wind power solutions to the customer. Aeolos-H 100kW wind wind turbines were commonly used in little wind farm, college, hospital and also other commercial tasks. Our 100kW wind generator has actually the great performance on ROI which is around 3-5 years in various areas. It is an excellent investment project in the wealthy wind source countries, favor Italy, Greece, Spain, UK, France, Australia, German, USA and Romania.

Aeolos Wind Turbine 100kW Specification

Rated PowerMaximum Output PowerGeneratorBlade QuantityRotor Blade DiameterStart-up Wind SpeedRated Wind SpeedSurvival Wind SpeedControllerSafety SystemTurbine WeightNoiseTemperature RangeDeauthorize LifetimeWarranty
100 kW
120 kW
Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Generator
3 Glass Fiber Blades
24.5 m (80.4 ft)
2.5 m/s (5.6 mph)
10 m/s (22.3 mph)
59.5 m/s (133.1 mph)
PLC With Touch Screen
Pitch Control, Electrical Brake & Hydraulic Brake
8350 kg (18408.6 lbs)
60 db(A)
-20°C to +50°C
20 Years
Standard 5 Years



Why Choose Aeolos Wind Turbine?

Reliable Design Triple Safety Protection For All FaultsMore Efficiency Competitive PriceOne Package Solution5 Year Standard Warranty

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Installation Case

There are hundreds of Aeolos wind generators functioning in the human being. Please view our recently installations...more