Harness the power of the sunlight to warmth your pool while protecting the water from dust, insects, and also UV rays.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Pool Cover

These solar blankets can be provided on a selection of different pools, including both aboveground and inground swimming pools of varying sizes and forms. Following are some considerations to keep in mind once picking a solar pool cover, consisting of the pool dimensions, material, thickness, and also shade.

Pool Dimensions

Swimming pool size is a height consideration considering that a proper fit permits for optimal function. To obtain the finest heat transfer from the sunlight, the cover have to be big enough to sit on the surchallenge of the water. The form of the pool is crucial, also.

Solar covers are made to fit a variety of swimming pools, so individuals can look for an oval solar cover, a cover for their rectangular pool, or also a compact solar blanket made to fit square pools. If the pool is a practice form, individuals might desire to buy a cover bigger than the pool, so the cover have the right to be trimmed to fit.


Solar pool covers are generally made of vinyl, polyethylene, or polypropylene.

Vinyl is durable and also resistant to tears and sun damage. Vinyl covers are an excellent choice for pool customers who want to be able to remove a cover easily without having to be also careful to not tear it.Polyethylene is even more lightweight. Covers made of polyethylene are affordable and efficient at warm carry. They have the right to be vulnerable to tearing, though, specifically if the cover has actually a thickness of 12 mils or much less.Polypropylene is thicker than polyethylene and less flexible. Covers made of polypropylene are sturdy and also block most UV radiation, however they have the right to be even more hard to roll and also fold.


Thicker solar pool covers absorb more warmth from the sunlight, and also they are also even more resistant to rips, tears, and also sun damage. Solar pool cover thickness is measured in mils. One mil is equal to 0.0001 inches. Typical cover thicknesses selection from 6 mils to 16 mils. Due to their thickness, these pool covers deserve to be heavier and harder to fold up.


Color is even more than simply an aesthetic choice for a solar pool cover. The color of a solar pool cover likewise determines just how it attributes.

Clear solar covers enable most pool-warming sunlight to pass through to the water. They retain warm well and also are a good insulator at night, but they carry out not block UV rays that break down chlorine.

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Clear-top/dark solar covers absorb the sun’s warm and also move it to the water while blocking some UV rays. This helps slow-moving the manufacturing of skin-irritating chloramines.Dark solar covers block a huge percentage of UV radiation and absorb the sun’s warmth well, warming the pool quickly.Translucent solar covers job-related choose a clear solar pool cover, however they block more UV radiation from getting to the pool water and also warmth the water much faster.

Air Bubbles

The ideal solar pool covers have a side spanned with little air bubbles and resemble a giant sheet of bubble wrap. These air bubbles trap heat from the sun and radiate it right into the water. When the sunlight goes dvery own, the bubbles likewise act as insulators to prevent warmth loss.

Solar covers that carry out not have actually air bubbles have the right to still trap and move heat, however they’re not as effective. The thicker the air bubbles, the even more tear-resistant the pool cover is. Thicker air bubbles likewise do a much better job of insulating the pool at night.

UV Resistance

A solar pool cover’s UV resistance depends on its product, color, and the thickness of the air bubbles.

Low UV resistance solar covers are thinner than 10 mils. They’re typically clear and made of lightweight polyethylene. While they will warm the pool, they’ll call for a chlorine stabilizer to minimize the manufacturing of chloramines.Medium UV resistance solar covers are the most common. They variety from 10 mils to 14 mils thick and are commonly translucent blue or gray. They’re normally made of polyethylene or polypropylene.High UV resistance solar pool covers autumn into two categories: bubbles or no bubbles.Covers with bubbles are commonly 14 to 16 mils thick and translucent or clear on height via a dark-colored underside. They are commonly made of vinyl or polypropylene.Covers without bubbles are thin, vinyl, and dark-colored to absorb warmth from the sun. They block a lot of UV radiation yet are not as effective at transferring heat to the pool water.

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