12 Volt Wind Turbine Battery Charger

For wind and also solar beginners who are just gaining started, do not spfinish many money on forklift batteries, instead, purchase a 12V automotive battery or deep cycle marine battery. This will certainly be enough till you are more familiar through just how your wind generator or solar panels will certainly occupational and also are ready to expand.

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Batteries for the Beginner

In this video, Jeff talks about the various types of Trojan wind and also solar batteries: 2-volt, 6-volt, 12-volt and also disconnect switches for battery financial institutions.

Popular Batteries in Alternative Energy

The complying with batteries are the the majority of frequently used for storing power developed by wind generators or solar panels. Tbelow are pros and cons to each.

• True deep cycle battery expensive option

• Doesn’t should be vented, can lay on their side, last much longer than the wet cell

• Very expensive and sensitive to charging

• If these batteries are permitted to be overcharged, they will be ruined

DC Disconnect Recommendation

We recommfinish utilizing a DC disconnect switch in line via your batteries inverters as presented listed below.

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Single Battery Banks

For a single battery bank, we recommfinish this:

DC Disaffix Switch


Multiple Battery Banks

For devices with multiple battery financial institutions, we recommend utilizing our:

DC Switch for Multiple Battery Banks and Power Sources


Battery Placement

Batteries job-related good at 72 levels Fahrenheit. However before, once temperatures fluctuate up or dvery own, the batteries degrade and also are tough to charge. To keep your batteries at an ideal temperature, build an insulated plywood box that is vented outside to keep the batteries operating optimally! Batteries put straight on a cold concrete floor won’t charge quickly at all.

Desulfation of Batteries


If your alternate energy employs more than one battery, think about the concern of desulfation. Sulfates construct up in between lead plates within the unit and also will wear the battery down. To prevent a build-up of sulfates, pair your mechanism with a PWM (pulse width modulation) charge controller (frequently for solar only applications) to knock the sulfates off the plates, extending battery life. If your device has a wind turbine, the turbine charge surges in the battery that will knock sulfates off the lead plates.

The batteries noted over are supposed to charge & recharge frequently. Follow manufacturer references at what portion to discharge each battery to save from shortening battery life. For circumstances, a single solar panel would take such a lengthy time to charge a big battery financial institution that you will certainly likely drainpipe the battery listed below the recommended percent. More batteries isn’t always better! Try to acquire the appropriate amount of batteries for your job. Don’t pair a substantial 5000-watt inverter on a solitary 12 Volt battery as it will certainly reason the battery to drain method also quickly. Try a 500 watt or 1000 watt inverter with a tiny battery.