12kw off grid solar system

12 x 200AH AGM (Standard) / 16 x 200W Rigid (Standard) - $13,989.00 USD 12 x 200AH AGM (Standard) / None - $10,645.00 USD None / 16 x 200W Rigid (Standard) - $9,189.00 USD None / None - $5,857.00 USD
12 x 200AH AGM (Standard)


16 x 200W Rigid (Standard)


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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3,200 Watt Solar 12,000W 48VDC Inverter/Charger 120/240 Output |

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3,200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC 120/240 Output | Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit + FREE Shipping, NO Sales Tax & Lifetime Customer Support

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Looking for a solar kit that doesn"t cost an arm and a leg just to get installed? Tired of gaining outrageous quotes from solar installation companies? Look no better. Our complete off-grid solar kit comes with all of the parts and pieces required to get up and running with clean, quiet, off-grid solar power. 

Although we carry out recommend having a certified solar installer / grasp electrician install our off-grid kits, these are intended to be very straightforward to setup and we include a skilled wiring diagram / schematic for you to follow - interpretation there"s no guessing to how it"s intended to be setup. 

You could be wondering - is this really all I need? Especially considering some of the prices we"ve heard our customers obtaining from other solar installation service providers. But the answer is yes. This is a finish off-grid solar power device that has every one of the components and pieces you"ll need. 

What Can This Kit Actually Power? 

OGK-1 is our greatest off grid kit and has actually 12 x 200ah AGM batteries giving you 1,200ah of useable battery capacity. This equals turbulent 14.4kWh of useable battery bank on peak of the 3,200 watts of solar panels that will certainly be generating an additional 3.2kw of power per hour while the sunlight is shining. 

If we assume there"s about 6 good sun hours in the majority of claims, the solar panels will certainly create about 19.2kw of power each day (or 576kw/month). The adhering to calculations offer you an concept of how long some typical appliances might run on a single charge of your battery bank. 

We really just need 15-18 hours of battery bank in order to acquire us via the night and also to as soon as the sun comes ago up the next day, so anything over and also above this would be taken into consideration backup for cloudy days.

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OGK-1 is perfect for huge off-grid houses, home backup, or as a bigger RV system / mobile company applications.

What"s Included With Your 3,200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC Order?

1 x 12,000 watt pure sine inverter charger 120/240vac - PICOGLF120W48V240VS16 x 200 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels (12V - Dimensions: 59in x 27in)1 x LCD Display Remote System Monitor1 x Combiner Box 6 String1 x 80 amp MPPT solar charge controller SCC80AMPPT1 x Quick Disaffix Switch DC1600V32A2IO12 x 200 ah AGM deep cycle battery AGM12V200A1 x battery temperature sensor - PICOGLFBATS2 x PVEXT100FT10AWG– 100 ft PV expansion cables for solar array to combiner 3 x CBL08FT6/0AWG- 8 ft set of 6 AWG1 x CBL08FT4/0AWG- 8 ft set of 4 AWG 11 x CBL02FT1/0AWGRED – Battery cables2 x CBL02FT1/0AWGBLACK - Battery cables1 x CBL01FT6/0AWG - jumper for fuse kit and also battery jumpers1 x CBL01FT4/0AWG jumper for fuse kit and also battery jumpers1 x ANL500KIT – 300 amp inline fuse kit for battery to inverter1 x ANL150KIT – 150 amp inline fuse kit for charge controller to battery16 x Z-Brackets for mounting solar panelsFree Shipping & NO Sales Tax!Lifetime Customer Support!System Schematic / Wiring Diagram Financing Options Available*

*Our kits include simply about everything you need however you"ll need your own installation tools and also grounding rods/wire and also optional components choose existing surge limiters. We also extremely recommfinish acquiring professional installation by a certified solar installer and/or grasp electrician and also have to plan on potential prices associated with this as well. 

*The #1 Systems For Off-Grid Power. Order Yours Today!*

What Comes With This Kit?

Our 3,200 Watt Solar 12KW complete off grid solar kit outputs 120V / 240V of power (240V is excellent for dwellings, well pumps, ovens, dryers and so on.) and also is both ETL and also CSA noted - interpretation the inverters are incredibly safe and have actually passed particular security tests.

Everypoint you must understand around OGK-1, Watch Now:

With 12 x 200ah AGM batteries storing power for night time and also cloudy days, you"ll have 600 amps of useable battery power (14.4kwh or 14,400 watt hours) which is plenty substantial sufficient to run a whole (little to mid size) house 24/7. Combined through your 16 x 200W high effectiveness monocrystalline solar panels, this solar power kit is perfect for places that require 300-600 watts of power continuous for 24-48 hrs, prior to recharging.

This kit also allows for charging the batteries from any type of standard fuel generator using the 12kw inverter/charger"s capabilities - so if it"s cloudy for multiple days, you might hook up a gas generator to the inverter/charger and also charge up your battery financial institution for clean quiet power all night lengthy.

Backed By Lifetime Support

All of our solar kits are backed by lifetime customer support through phone, live chat and email. We also include all of the crucial schematics for setting up your solar kit. You"ll also reap all of the typical manufacturer"s warranties on the kits component"s and also guaranteed safe distribution of everything!

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we market financing alternatives on every one of our solar kits up to $10,000. For kits favor this one that are over $10,000, give us a speak to and also we have the right to work via you on some develop of down payment to lug the total amount compelled for financing under the $10k and then financing the rest.

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We likewise offer break-up payments, if you need to split the purchase on two cards, provide us a contact and also we can set this up for you too - 877-242-2792 or for more information exactly how to complete the financing, follow the procedures right here.

"Love the system!"

What Does Off-Grid Mean? 

Great question. It implies this system does not tie in through your neighborhood power grid / energy agency. So there"s no "selling" excess power back to the power company. Off-grid implies your system opeprices 100% independent of the grid. Any excess power you"re making during the day goes right right into your 12 batteries included via the kit so that you deserve to run your residence / RV / cabin / shop / service all night lengthy as soon as the sunlight isn"t shining. 

Is Off-Grid Better Than Grid-Tie? Or Do I NEED to be tied to the grid? 

This is an excellent question and it really counts on that you ask. Many of our customers are looking to acquire "grid independence". They don"t desire to rely on the local power firm to keep their lights on and also food cold, especially in the time of emergencies. When you install a grid-tied solar mechanism, this implies that if the grid goes dvery own... Your solar power on your roof is usemuch less. You NEED batteries on your system to be thought about off-grid. 

There"s a lot more associated via a grid tie device (think permitting, AC coupling, remote monitoring etc.) which frequently provides these kinds of solar power units much even more expensive. Whereas off-grid solar systems require a lot less bells and whistles and are much simpler to install. 

Sometimes off grid is the just option too. If you have a remote cabin, RV, Skoolie or any type of various other form of off grid home our finish off grid solar kits are a great power solution!

Can I use grid power to charge the batteries and/or tie this mechanism in via my on the grid residence though?

The short answer is yes. Our off grid kits come with inverter/chargers, interpretation you have the right to suck power out of the batteries and throw juice earlier right into the batteries through a generator OR any kind of develop of AC shore power (aka your grid tied home). When it pertains to backing up your house or tying it in to your existing electric device, you"ll need to work through an electrician to obtain some form of move switch that will certainly enable you to go ago and also forth in between your houses grid tie power and your off grid battery backup.



3,200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC OGK Features:

Choose the best battery bank for your demands and also if you currently have solar panels, pick the solar panel option!Easy to setup, connect and use - Includes wiring schematic.Everypoint you need for a off-grid or backup solar systemWorks via gadgets approximately 12,000 watts / 100 AC amps at 120VAC or 50 amps at 240 VACIdeal for large appliances, devices, pumps, compressors, AC units, freezer, refrigerators, heaters and electronicsIdeal for big residences or businesses that need 120 and also 240 VAC powerProfessional wiring diagram/schematic contained through your orderThe solar panel selection will certainly recharge a 50% depleted 600 amp battery bank in 5 hrs with complete sunlight.Battery Bank = 12 x 200ah AGM batteries and also 600 amps of usable battery.

The 3,200 watt of solar panels (16 x 200W) will store a charge on the batteries all day lengthy utilizing sunlight and will recharge the batteries at 50% depletion in approximatley 5 hours in full sun. Your 80 amp charger controller will safeguard the batteries from overcharging and also provide you the ability to expand your solar variety later.

This kit is perfect for also large dimension gadgets such as appliances, fans, pumps, compressors, electronics as much as 100 amps. 

Keep reading for individual parts and also pieces in addition to their specs below. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to reach out to us using email, live chat or phone at 877-242-2792.


12000 watt low frequency inverter 110/220Vac Split Phase36000 watt surge for 20 seconds -3x surge capabilityBattery priority selectorTerminal blockMaritime coated and protectedMulti stage smart charger 120 Amp charges gel, lead, AGM, lithium(Remote panel available60hz or 50 hz selectable dip switch10msec typical carry timeSelectable 25W power save mode (hibernation)8 battery charger settingsAutomatic transfer switch


12KW Inverter/Charger Specs:

Inverter Output Specifications:

Continuous Output Power: 12,000 WattsSurge Rating: 36000 Watts (20 Seconds)Output Waveform: Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)100-110-120Vac / 220-230-240VacNominal Efficiency: >88% (Peak)Line Setting Efficiency: >95%Output Frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.3Hz / 60Hz +/- 0.3HzUsual Transfer Time: 10ms (Max)THD: Ambient Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

Input Specifications

Nominal Input Voltage: 48.0VdcLow Battery Alarm: 42.0Vdc-44.0VdcLow Battery Trip: 40.0Vdc-42.0VdcHigh Voltage Alarm: 64.0VdcLow Battery Voltage Restart: 62.0VdcIdle Consumption: 200 WattsPower Saver Mode Idle Consumption: 40 WattsAutomatic Transfer Switch - 63A