15 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel

The 15 Watt Solar Panel maintains your 12-volt battery to encertain many operating hrs. You will have actually a trouble-complimentary procedure for assorted applications. Your battery will certainly always be in tip-optimal condition.

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The Renogy 15 Wattsolar module kit likewise has a 7 amp charge controller. 

Propermaintenance of the battery ensures a much much longer lifeexpectations. The chargecontroller protects the battery from any type of surges and overcharging. 

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The amorphous solar module acts as a clean source of energy. By making use of it you will alleviate your energy bill while you regulate the energy from the sunlight.


The full kit includes; 

A Solar Module via connecting cable.Battery Clamps.Mounting hardware.Wire adaptor.The 7 amp charge controller.

How doesthe 15 Watt Solar Panel Work?

The Renogy15 Watt 24 Volt amorphous panel is all set to generate cheap power. Direct it tothe sun and also it is in procedure. 

Almeans remember to get peak wattage the sunlight should shine perpendicular to the solar panel.

The sunwill execute the task and also the ultra-bideal blue LED will certainly show as soon as charging. Itindicates once finish and ready to use. 

If you wantto carry out a permanent installation you have to use the 4 stainmuch less steel mountingscrews. The screws come through the kit. The rubber washers are to usage for spacersin between the panel and the surchallenge. This is to enable for heat dissipation. 

If you nowhave a 5 hour period of sunlight per day the solar panel will develop 5 x 15 =75watt per day. 

Not sufficient to charge a battery, butmore than enough to keep it.

15 Watt Solar Panel Specs


Maximum Power:

Working Voltage:



12 volt

1 Amp





The15 watt solar panel comes via a 5-year limited warranty.The charge controller comes through a one-year limited warranty.


Youhave the right to use the device to preserve the charge on any type of 12-volt battery. 

Youcan use it for remote power use, backup cabins, homes, boats, RV’s and also manymore. 

Designed for RVs, cabins, residences, boats, back-up and more.

8.60lbs / 3.90 kg.

13.8"x 2.4" x 38.6"/35 .1cm  x 6.1cm x 98.0cm

Possible size of a battery

To keep the power it will ultimately be essential to obtain a appropriate battery.

Sizing the battery requires particular steps;

Watts from panel times sun hours x.85 due to 15% for losses.

That will be 15 x  6( Depfinishing on the location you live.) x .85.

You acquire 90 x .85 = 76.5 watt

Round to 75 watt.

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The DOD (Depth of discharge.) have to not be more than 50% to ensure a lengthy battery life.

We have to multiply the 75 x 2 to gain 150 watt.

15 Ah battery.

Divide watt by volt to acquire Ah.

This is 150/12 = 12.5 Ah.

A 15 Ah battery will be a good alternative to keep power for sooner or later.


Theamorphous solar panel functions well on cloudy days. It has a  temperature variety of -40 to 176-degreesFahrenheit.Theymanufacture the kit from sturdy ABS plastic. It is weatherproof and canwithstand also too much weather conditions.Asturdy and durable aluminum structure ensures added protection versus unwantedweather conditions.Themodule will certainly create maintenance complimentary for many kind of years. You only need to clean thesurchallenge as soon as dirt collects on it.The15-watt solar panel comes via a integrated blocking diode. This is to protectthe battery from discharging at night.Theconsisted of charge controller ensures that your battery always charges correct andsafe.The15 watt solar panel kit is simple to assemble and to set it up. It comes withhandy adapters which renders it basic and also safe to handle.Thepre-cut holes ensure simple installation.


Thecharge controller is not waterproof. Keep it in a dry and well-ventilated area. Thecharge controller is extremely standard and some human being upgrade to a far better option.

To mention

Ifyou want something for keeping a 12-volt battery this is the panel to buy.Itwill certainly save your batteries charged. Also it deserve to keep any type of rechargeable 12Vbatteries.Anamorphous solar panel deserve to provide power under overcast and low lightconditions. This makes it feasible to keep batteries for a broad array ofapplications.Whenusing the charge controller you can irreversible attach the kit to the battery.Itis important to remember to constantly attach the charge controller to the batteryfirst. After that, you affix the 15 watt solar panel.Whendisconnecting you initially disaffix the solar module. Then disattach the chargecontroller. Theorder of connecting and also disconnecting is vital. It ensures safe and faultstotally free operation.Alwaysfollow the essential safety and security instruction. Also, ensure correct polarity whenconnecting for safe and also correct functioning.Thispanel is so little you have the right to use it as a portable solar terminal. It is still bigenough though, to provide for a variety of your electrical needs.


The only maintenancethat you as a user need to perform is making certain the cables are not damaged. Thisis to encertain a great functioning problem. 

Cleaning the surfaceof the 15 watt solar panel is likewise exceptionally essential. Use a damp cloth to performthis duty. 

A dirty panel leads toa big drop in effectiveness. 

A expert personhave to perdevelop all other maintenance attributes. 

To conclude

The15 watt solar panel and also charge controller carry out what it says it will execute. 

Itis a great top quality solar module that is well created and affordable. 

The module worksexcellent for the money.

You can click here for a comparable panel with 5 Amp controller.

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