1500 watts solar panels

The installation of 12 solar panels via a full of 1500 Watt height. Information and also tips around the installation and also just how to maximise its yield.

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The solar panels

After my enthusiasm around my first solar panel I began to indevelop myself on the prices of added solar panels. After some examination on the internet I found the following kyocera KC125GHT solar panels.


Kyocera KC125GHT solar panel

These panels have actually a high cell efficiency of 16% and also peak power of 125 Watt per panel.


I bought these panels for my own company SoftNow.com. In the Netherlands the goverment provides tax benefits for suppliers which invest in renewable energy. Because of this I only had actually to pay effective 1/3 of the expense price. With my investment budacquire for 2005 I had the ability to buy 12 new Kyocera solar panels, enough for 1500 Watt peak of solar power.


The Kyocera solar panels administer DC which demands to be converted right into AC to have the ability to attach the solar panels to the 220V AC utility grid. You require a solar inverter to perform that. By connecting as many kind of solar panels in series as feasible you need less inverters and therefore much less prices. After some examination and price comparisons a have actually ultimately favored the Sununderstand QS2000 invertor of Mastervolt.


The Sunmaster QS2000 solar inverter

The Mastervolt inverter has a maximum input of 1800W DC, which provides it feasible to attach all 12 solar panels (in series) to a single inverter. The solar panels geneprice a maximum of 1500 Watt top, so tright here is some room for expansion later on.

The Mastervolt inverter is mounted indoor, which is excellent for its life. An inverter which is installed outdoor has to cope with a lot more temperature alters which is poor for the life of the inverter.


When placing the solar panels it is of utmost importance that all panels are not in the shade. When one or even more panels are in the shade this has a big affect on performance bereason they all run in series. The efficiency drops hard, even more than you would certainly suppose, as soon as a small variety of solar panels are in the shade. If shade is inescapable, bereason of some fixed objects favor a tree or a chimneys, you have the right to consider to usage multiple chains of solar panels so that not all solar panels are effected. However you require even more or a one-of-a-kind inverter with multiple inputs. The QS2000 inverter deserve to connect two parallel strings of solar panels.


The solar panels mounted on my level roof

On a level roof the distance in between the rows of the solar panels is incredibly crucial. When the distance is as well little, one row will certainly throw an additional row in the shade as quickly as the sun drops reduced. Especially in the time of winter time. As a preeminence of thumb the room between the rows is twice the elevation of the panels (measured from the roof).


Gap in between the rows is twice the elevation of the panels. Source: solaraccessibility.nl


When ordering the panels it is important to mention on which type of roof they must be placed. Tbelow are different mounting systems for level roofs or roof tops via a angel. Your supplier (at least in the Netherlands) will likewise administer the mounting device together with the solar panels. In my situation I ordered a level roof system.

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Clear the roof of stones before placing the solar panel mounting framework.

Before placing the solar mounting structure on the roof all stones should be rerelocated from the roof optimal. Otherwise tright here is a possibility that among little stones will be pressed through the roof top bereason of the enormous weight what will certainly be included later on to settle the position of the structure. Rubber tiles are put listed below the structure to protect the roof.


Rubber tiles protect the roof

Angle and also orientation

The solar panels are placed with a resolved angle of 27.5 degrees. The angle is determined by the construction of the aluminium structure. This angle is preferred so that the panel will certainly be fluburned clean after a rainy day and catch an optimum amount of sunlight in the summer -and also winter time.

My house is situated in the Netherlands. Therefore my optimum orientation for the solar panels is southern. See likewise the diagram in the post around the Instralings diagram.

Adding weight

To prevent my panels to fly amethod in a stormy winter I must add weights to settle the framework on my rooftop.


Adding enough weight is extremely important

The amount of weight relies on the geographical area and also its wind conditions. The guidelines for the Netherlands can be discovered the table below.

HeightCoast areaInland
Less 8 meter height75 kg per panel50 kg per panel
More than 8 meter100 kg per panel75 kg per panel

For weight I supplied Dutch “grindtegels” (concrete tiles) of 40x60x5 cm. These weigh roughly 25 kg aitem. I uncovered them on a digital second hand also market (marktplaats.nl) wbelow I can get them for complimentary (the majority of people want to get rid of them)


After hand-operated heavy lifting (1200 kg of tiles, 6 meter high) and also building the panels, the solar panels are currently ultimately all set for use.


Twelve new beautiful solar panels ready for usage.

The yield

Unfavor my initially solar panel the Kyocera solar panels have actually reached their maximum of 1500 Watt top. Beter also, the greatest measured power I experienced was little bit more than 1600W. The invertor has actually an effectiveness of about 95% which means that I am moving more than 1520W back into the energy grid.