2100 Solar Drive Oxnard Ca

Solar Urgent Care is an immediate treatment center in Oxnard and is open up this day from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. They are situated at 2100 Solar Dr, Suite 100 and open 6 days per week.

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Patients have used words like "bedside manner" and "timeliness" to describe their endure at Solar Urgent Care which has garnered an average rating of3.4 out of 5.

Nationally, we are seeing immediate treatment patients wait an average of 15-30 minutes prior to being seen by a healthcare provider, which would certainly most likely be the instance at Solar Urgent Care.

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I have actually had a great endure through solar immediate treatment. They have actually been prompt in seeing me- I have not waited long to hacve the provider check out me. They have tackled my insurance authorizations and confirmation of appointments through other suppliers in a prompt and also expert manner. I was watched by Parvaneth Frozbakht, and she has actually addressed my comes to and concerns on a prompt and professional manner. She heard what my comes to were and addressed each concern, and also was able to to it in a timely manner so I was not in the office for hours! I would recommend seeing her as she is exceptionally knowledgeable and competent.
Don't waste your time and money here. Dr. Jean Allen supplied the phrases "I guess," "I don't recognize," "hmmm, I think," throughout my visit. The nurse put me in a room with transparent blinds. The windows were not entirely extended by curtains and i was instructed to undress in this room, which was a waste of time bereason Dr. Jean Allen carelessly "examined" my lesions. I asked inquiries as she responded in a vague, unspecific and dismissive manner. She ruburned with it and also the center was totally empty the whole time I was there. She carelessly opened the door of the room wide open via my back exposed from what they made me change into and also tbelow was a male nurse external the room. Worst suffer ever before. I still had inquiries for her after she dismissed me and also she came out to answer those inquiries in the lobby. A CLEAR VIOLATION OF HIPPA.