250 kw wind turbine

For as well long the wind sector has actually been in search of a wind turbine that produces a lot more than 100 kilowatts of power, without having actually to go to the size or cost of a 600 or 750 kilowatt machine. With the public currently conscious that wind power have the right to be a viable resource of electric power, customers desire to recognize what it deserve to execute for their local manufacturing facility, shopping center or school. The Aeronautica 225 series fills that need.The beginning of this superb turbine goes ago more than 25 years, through the initially equipments of this course installed in 1984. Over 87 turbines were installed throughout the people.At much less than 180' tall on a 40m monopole tower (30m and also 50m choices likewise available), the 250 is a great stall-regulated wind wind turbine that will certainly fit on many type of submetropolitan, urban, and also micro grid methods. It is able to be shipped in traditional shipping containers, making shipment to the majority of locations a breeze. Erection have the right to be made by conveniently available smaller sized cranes that can be mobilized quickly. Its simplicity of architecture has created both a durable and exceptionally expense efficient wind turbine for commercial, commercial or municipal requirements.With its low profile and also effective output, the 250 is an excellent complement for many dispersed generation applications. And Aeronautica wind generators are all produced in the USA, reducing shipping costs and distribution times.

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AW 250 Power Curve


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AW 250 Annual Power Output


AW 30-250 Specifications


3 knives, upwind orientation

Fiberglass reincompelled polyester


Power regulation: Stall Regulated

Rotor size: 30m diameter (108')

Rotor speed: 40/24 rpm

nominal Swept area: 707m2

Tilt angle: 5o

Coning angle: 0o

Blades length: 13.4m

Tip speed: 54.4 m/s (141 mph) at full load

Pitch angle: Approx. 2.3o(readjusted during run-in)

Pitch bearings: 4-allude sphere bearings

Air brake, normal: Turnable Blade Tips

Air brake, emergency: Fail safe disc brake on high speed shaft

Mechanical brake: A fail-safe form disk brake

Brake torque: 2 times of nominal torque (1x by normal braking sequence)


Nominal Electric Power: 250/50kW

Generator: Closed, 4/6 or 6/8pole, asynchronous, single wound, induction, IP54

Generator speed: 1006/757 rpm (50 Hz) / 1207/908 rpm (60 Hz)

Loss in generator: Approx. 3% at full load

Generator cut-in: Thyristor managed progressive cut-in

Grid connection: 400/480V

Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz

Connection Relay: SEL 547 Protective Relay (standard)


Yaw motors:2 pcs. energetic drives, electrical

Yaw brakes:3 pcs. energetic hydraulic brakes

Yaw bearing: Slide bearing

Cut-in wind speed: 3-4 m/s (7-9 mph), based upon 10 min average

Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s (56 mph), based on 5 min average

Survival Speed: 52.5 m/s (117 mph)

Controller: Mita-Teknik

Op. Temp. Range: -30oC to +55oC (Very Low Tempe and also Very High Temp options available)