310 watt solar panel

$0.59/watt | Mission Solar 310 watts | MSE310SQ8T | 60-Cell Mono PERC | Babsence Frame & Backing (BOB) | Made in USA | MC4-type connectors

| Minimum Order: 3 High power 60-cell PERC module suitable for commercial and also residential installations. 25 year power output warranty backed by PowerGuard.

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Mission Solar MSE310SQ8T310 watt Mono Panel through Black Frame & Backing (BOB)

These Mission Solar panels are assembled in the USA (BAA Buy Amerihave the right to Compliant) using the new PERC technology to administer high power output performance.

The MSE PERC 60 series attributes a sleek all-black design making it ideal for any roofpeak system. It is engineered to be compact yet powerful. The 310 watt MSESQ8T panel undergoes a collection of high quality inspections and is suitable for a vast range of residential and also commercial applications.

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PERC technologyallows for even more energy generation than typical solar panels. With PERC, a “passivation layer” is included to the rear of the cell so light have the right to be much better captured throughout the cell. This layer additionally has actually reflective properties that permits light to bounce off the passivation layer and somewhere else right into the cell and this produces additional energy.

The MSE modules get multiple quality checks throughout the production procedure as well as stringent quality and relicapability testing. Each product exceeds market demands and is backed by an independent 25-year linear warranty from PowerGuard.

Mission Solar MSESQ8T Features

Power Output 310 Wp with PERC technology60 Monocrystalline P-kind cells(6 x 10); 5 busbarsAll black anodized aluminum alloy structure and also backsheet with (1.58 in.)18.65 module performance with -0~+3% Hopeful Power ToleranceQuick Circuit Current (Isc) 9.76AOpen Circuit Voltage (Voc) 40.12VRated Current (Imp) 9.345ARated Voltage (Vmp) 33.17VTypical Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 46.09°C (±2°C)Temperature Coreliable of Voc -0.280%/°CMaximum system voltage 1000VDCMaximum Series Fusage Rating 20ACertifiedrelicapacity. Tested to UL1703 & IEC criteria. PID ResistantExtreme Weather Resilience› 5631 Pa scurrently fill (117 psf) tested pack to UL1703› 185 mph wind ratingMC4 kind connectors25-year power output warranty backed by PowerGuard insuranceDimensions 65.53 x 39.33 x 1.58 inchesWeight 40.1 lbsBAA compliant for federal government jobs under Buy Amerideserve to Act