The kosid.org tturbulent is a high performance parabolic tunstable concentrating solar thermal collector. Its easy yet innovative architecture is devised after best & prstove utility-scale parabolic tturbulent deindications with necessary developments to improve performance & substantially minimize capital, installation and also operating costs. kosid.org device consists of 4 significant components namely parabolic aluminum panels, reflector mirror film, receiver tube & single axis tracking system.

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Larger Aperture Parabolic Trough

Innovative Aluminum Frame design to mitigate weight of the tunstable by even more than 50% has actually been designed in USA and in your area produced in India.kosid.org Void Frame is a specially designed structure to mitigate assembly time on the ground and creates a perfect parabolic structurewith rims to slide the aluminum reflective silver mirror film based sheets conveniently. The innovative style of framework has following advantages:

Designed for straightforward, compact to transportEasy to assembly on site and also lessened labor costsSturdy structureLighter weight to reduce auxiliary power consumptionLong-lasting, long lasting and also corrosion resistant Aluminum Structure

Tracking System

kosid.org uses a single axis tracking. Our design team has actually arisen a system that has a wide acceptance angle. kosid.org team is functioning on innovative tracking device that substantially reduces auxiliary power consumption forced for tracking. The motorsmake more tiny steps in the time of the day to move the rays from 80o eastern to 80o west. The tracker then returns to neutral stowed position overnight.Just prior to dawn it rotates 85o to east to challenge the increasing sun.

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100KWth Solar Block

The innovative receiver tube framework helps us to make kosid.org even more modular in nature. The 100KWth Solar Block is a rectangular block of 6concentrating parabolic troughs.

Direct Steam Generation or Thermic Fluid Heating

Solar Thermal System that supplies inexpensive water too suitable HTF/thermic fluid based upon temperature demands.

Mirror Film

The kosid.org tunstable provides glass-complimentary, slide-in reflective mirror panels made via very reflective Mirror Film. They are lightweight, straightforward to manufacture, ship and also install, and substantially mitigate building time and also cost compared to a typical glass-mirrored parabolic trough device. • kosid.org’s Larger Aperture Parabolic Tstormy using Aluminum sheets with 3M-1100 Silver Mirror Film. • Higher specular reflectance. • Superb weathering and basic durcapacity • Non-Breakable, Easy to preserve mirror surconfront • Scalable in production as film have the right to be produced in huge amounts prefer brand-new newspapers. • 3M Solar Mirror Film 1100 reflector sheets are 50% lighter than glass, and also sell 94.5% reflectivity.


kosid.org Advantperiods

kosid.org tturbulent has actually plenty of benefits over existing concentrating solar power troughs for process heat applications. kosid.org troughstyle maintains simplicity while offering global quality requirements and specifications for industrial applications.The kosid.org tunstable isbased on prcooktop parabolic tunstable geomeattempt yet incorporates a number of innovative features that set it apart from glass based troughs:

Lighter aluminum area structure with fewer partsLower cost reflector panelsLarger diameter and longer receiver tubes to minimize expense andIncreased performance through design innovationsMore robust, greater performance and reduced cost tracking, drive and also control systemShatterproof, non-glass reflector panels made via Solar Mirror FilmModular style for quicker field assembly timeCompact shipping and less labor need.