60 amp solar charge controller

Royal Power 60 amp solar charge controller enables you to charge your 12 volt and 24 volt battery financial institutions at a price of 60 amps per hour. The solar panels pull the solar energy into the panels and the send the charging existing through the charge controller and also the then output a charging present of 12 volts or 24 volts.

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Overpack protectionQuick circuit protectionReverse discharge protectionReverse polarity connection protectionThunder protectionLow voltage protectionOvercharge protectionBattery stop and also charge voltage HVD sets upCharge and also low voltage LCD sets upDisplay the capcapacity of the battery SOCLoads and also comeearlier setupsIntellectualized temperature compensationRecord and calculate the charged AH and also display it on the LCD screenRecord and also calculate the discharged AH and display it on the LCD screenfunctioning temperature:-25C/+55C


Rated Voltage12V / 24V Automatic voltage recognition
Max Load current60A
Input voltage range12V~17V / 24V~34V
Length=1m Charge loop drop



Solar charge controllers save your batteries safe. A solar charge controller is compelled for any solar variety of 12-Watt or better. Solar panels are unregulated and have the right to have actually a-voltage greater than vital to charge 12-volt batteries. 60-Amp Solar Digital Charge Controller will prevent overcharging of batteries by regulating the-voltage from a 12-volt solar panel to a safe level for charging 12-volt batteries. Designed for usage with 12-volt solar panels this solar charge controller is safe for use through as much as 60-amp or 1440-Watt from a solar selection. This controller will likewise prevent over discharge of your battery and protect from high-voltage surges, brief circuit and also loss of power via the solar panel at night. A digital LCD display display screens charging current, load existing, and battery-voltage in 5 second intervals. Two LED lights display charge attribute and also battery standing. A fill terminal on the solar charge controller let you dedicate one item to run via the controller, as soon as the batteries reach critical-voltage the load will be immediately turned off to proccasion a dead battery and also enable the solar panel to recharge the battery before the load turns on aobtain. This feature helps to prolong the life of your battery. This charge controller might likewise be offered with 24-volt solar panels and batteries. The charge controller is self-adjusting and also will certainly immediately collection the charge cycle. You deserve to connect multiple solar panels up to one controller so long as you do not exceed 1440-Watt or 60-amp. The charge controller is intended to be permanently linked to the battery and also the solar selection even when you are drawing power from the battery. Solar charge controllers have to installed cshed to the battery in a dry and also ventilated area.
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