6V Solar Battery Charger

What to know about using 6 volt batteries in your solar installation

When most people talk around purchasing batteries for their solar installation, they’re generally talking around using 12 volt deep cycle batteries. 12 volt batteries deep cycle batteries are the a lot of prevalent choice easily accessible, yet a 12 volt solar mechanism have the right to also be achieved by using a different combination of batteries. 6 volt batteries, frequently uncovered in golf carts, have actually a couple of benefits over 12 volt batteries and are worth the consideration if you’re trying to find a battery solution for a solar installation in your RV, camper, or van.


What are deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle batteries look comparable to auto batteries, however are actually incredibly different. In comparison to vehicle batteries which only administer short bursts of power, deep cycle batteries are designed to administer sustained power over a much longer duration of time. Deep cycle batteries deserve to be discharged up to 80%, however many manufacturers recommend not discharging listed below 45%. Regularly going beyond that allude will certainly shorten the life of the battery.

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How perform solar batteries work?

Solar batteries store the energy that is built up from your solar panels. The higher your battery’s capacity, the even more solar energy it deserve to store. Battery financial institutions are equivalent to a gas tank. The bigger the tank, the further distance you have the right to go between protecting against at a gas terminal. However, a larger tank implies you’ll spfinish more time at the pump as it fills up that bigger tank. In order to use batteries as component of your solar installation, you require solar panels, a charge controller, and an inverter.

Your solar panels will initially need to be associated to a charge controller which will assist monitor just how a lot energy is stored in the batteries to proccasion overcharging. Charge controllers will certainly also shut dvery own a mechanism if the batteries end up being as well depleted. Before giving power to your appliances, your batteries will need to be associated to an inverter to convert the DC energy collected from solar panels and converted to AC power.

When utilizing batteries for solar panels as component of a home solar mechanism, you’re able to keep the excess electrical power your panels create rather of sending that energy earlier into the grid. Electricity will be sent out to the grid if your batteries are totally charged and also your panels are still developing power.

What’s the difference in between 6 and 12 volt batteries?

Beyond the noticeable voltage difference in between 6 and 12 volt batteries, there are additionally a few various other points that collection them acomponent. When weight and price are not vital determinants, and also better power is essential, you have to go through 12 volt batteries rather of the 6 volt option.

6 volt batteries usage heavier plates in each cell and also commonly have longer lifespans than 12 volt batteries. They deserve to last anywhere from 4 to eight years, depending upon maintenance, form, and usage of the battery. In addition, 6 volt batteries weigh much less than 12 volt batteries, making them much easier to handle and also relocate.

What are the different forms of batteries?

There’s a selection of deep cycle battery options.The the majority of prevalent ones offered for solar installations are flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid (absorbed glass matt and also gel), and lithium iron batteries. Flooded lead acid batteries are the many inexpensive option and are easily accessible at a lot of big-box and auto stores. Sealed lead acid batteries save 10 to 15 percent more power than lead acid batteries and also charge as much as four times quicker. Lithium iron batteries are the the majority of expensive choices, but likewise last 4 times longer than lead-acid batteries and also weigh much less. 6 volt batteries are many often obtainable as flooded lead acid and soaked up glass matt alternatives.


What are the pros and also cons of 6 volt batteries?Pros of Using 6V BatteriesThey have actually bigger amp hour capacities: When fully charged, 6 volt batteries have bigger capacities than 12 volt batteries. An Amp Hour (Ah) is the amount of current a battery have the right to supply for a specific period of time. Using a battery with a greater Ah will boost the device’s running time on a solitary charge. This is necessary if your panels won’t be collecting energy for much longer durations of time. They have actually a bigger discharge and recharge capacity: This indicates that you can discharge and recharge the batteries even more often than 12 volt batteries over the life of the battery. With appropriate maintenance, 6 volt batteries have the right to last much longer: You have the right to suppose 6V batteries to last all over in between 4 to 8 years depending on how you take care of them and also the particular conditions of the area wright here the battery bank is mounted.Cons of Using 6V Batteries6V batteries are more expensive based on the comparative capacity: If you are on a tight budget, you have to most likely purchase 12 volt batteries.

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6V batteries are much taller and might call for you to install various battery boxes: RVs that already have battery boxes constructed in are designed to accommodate 12 volt batteries. If you will be using 6 volt batteries, they won’t quite fit appropriately in that allotted area. They are uncommon and deserve to be hard to discover in instance you require emergency replacements: If your batteries fail while you’re on the road, they’ll be hard to uncover. They’re frequently only uncovered at specialty stores and also digital.How perform you attach 6 volt batteries?

Knowing just how to properly affix 6 volt batteries is incredibly important. Tbelow are two major methods to wire batteries: in series and also in parallel.

Connecting batteries in series adds the voltage of the two batteries, however it keeps the very same amp hrs. To affix batteries in a series, affix the negative terminal of the initially battery to the positive terminal of the second battery. Use one more set of cables to attach the open up positive and negative terminals to your application.

You can affix two 6 volt batteries in series so that they have the right to put out 12 volts of power. However, as soon as you usage batteries hooked up in series, it will just charge to the capacity of the battery with the lowest amp hour capacity.

Connecting batteries in parallel will rise your present rating, but the voltage will certainly remain the very same. To sign up with batteries in parallel, attach both the positive terminals and also another jumper wire to attach both the negative terminals of both batteries to each other. Negative to negative and positive to positive.

When two 6 volt batteries are linked in parallel, their linked voltage will certainly still be 6 vols but their amp hour capacity will certainly be equal to the sum of the capacity of the batteries.

Can you usage a 6 volt battery through a 12 volt solar panel?

Not on its own. When you want to charge a 12 volt panel, you’ll desire at leastern a 12 volt battery bank. So you deserve to still use 6 volt batteries to charge that panel, yet you’ll require at least 2 batteries that are connected in series.

Can you usage a 12v solar charger on a 6v battery?

Again if you have actually two 6 volt batteries linked in series, you deserve to usage a 12 volt battery charger. However before, we carry out not recommend making use of a 12 volt battery charger if you only have actually one 6 volt battery.

Can I develop a 24v or 48v system with 6 volt batteries?

Yes, as long as you’re wiring your 6 volt batteries in series, they’ll include approximately the wanted voltage. However, if you need a larger 48 volt device, it would probably be wise to purchase larger voltage batteries to conserve weight and also room.

How a lot does a 6 volt battery cost?

Depending on if it is flooded lead acid or absorbed glass matt, 6 volt batteries price in between around $100 and also $800.


6 volt deep cycle batteries have the right to be used in a selection of applications and also have the right to be linked in series to power 12, 24, and 48 volt units. The main advantage of making use of 6 volt deep cycle batteries rather of 12 volt batteries is to accomplish boosted amp hours to power your RV, van, or camper. Using a battery with a higher amp hour rating will boost the device’s running time on a single charge. However, 6 volt batteries have actually various dimensions than 12 volt batteries, you’ll must purchase more batteries to assemble a battery financial institution for a bigger solar installation, and they are even more hard to find than 12 volt batteries. By taking these advantages and disadvantages right into consideration, you’ll have the ability to make the right option for your solar installation.