Always Radiant Infinity Pads Review

Find your groove through Almethods Radiant FlexFoam Regular Absorbency period pads, 100% leak and also odor free protection is feasible. With deindicators inspired by the latest patterns, you’ll love the tropical prints and also fads that remind you of sandy beaches and ocean breezes. Feel radiant via a pad that gives you both style AND comfort. Radiant is made through FlexFoam for a thin and flexible pad that doesn’t skip out on protection. With Radiant FlexFoam Pads, you have the right to wear what you desire and also execute what you want any type of day of the month!


Dermatologically Approved by Skin Health Alliance

Radiant FlexFoam has actually been dermatologically tested, and also apshowed as skin friendly by the Skin Health Alliance.

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FlexFoam is Soft & Flexible

Radiant pads are made with FlexFoam, for a thin and also versatile pad that moves via you.

Beautifully Designed Wrappers

Each pad wrapper features designs and also fads through heat tropical prints and cool neon vibes.

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Clean Opening Package

Rapid and straightforward to accessibility, the pads come in a package that opens up effortlessly. Radiant Regular (Size 1) Sanitary Pads with Wings offer you up to 100% leak and odor-complimentary security, so you have the right to wear what you desire all month along. Lightweight FlexFoam innovation pulls wetness away from your skin for Zero Feel protection without any bulk. Radiant Sanitary Pads come packaged with delightful details and also market quiet wrappers for discretion, for comfortable protection you deserve to barely feel.