Be yourself with Almeans Radiant FlexFoam Teen period pads, 100% leak complimentary defense is possible. With deindicators influenced by the latest print and trends, pads and also duration don’t’ have to be boring. Feel radiant with a pad that provides you both style AND comfort. Almethods Radiant Teen is made through FlexFoam for a thin and also flexible pad that doesn’t skip out on defense. Just one pad have the right to last approximately eight hours… that’s longer than an average school day! With Radiant FlexFoam Teen Pads, you can wear what you want and also do what you desire any day of the month!


Dermatologically Apverified by Skin Health Alliance

Radiant FlexFoam has been dermatologically tested, and apconfirmed as skin friendly by the Skin Health Alliance.

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Up to Eight Hours of Protection

Just one pad have the right to last approximately eight hours… that’s longer than an average college day.

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Designed with Teens, for Teens

Designs influenced by the latest print and also pattern patterns, because pads and periods shouldn’t be boring.

Clean Opening Package

Rapid and also simple to accessibility, the pads come in a package that opens effortlessly.

Almethods Radiant Teen Sanitary Pads with wings offer as much as 100% leak-free protection and also function Zero Feel, so you deserve to wear what you desire all month lengthy. These significant sanitary pads with FlexFoam have actually powerful moisture-wicking innovation that pulls wetness ameans from your skin, keeping you clean and also fresh. Radiant Teen Sanitary Pads are designed just for teens with fun, fldental prints and sell quiet wrappers for discretion. Use the Almethods My Fit sizing chart on every package or on this web page to find your fit for exceptional protection.