Despite your love affair via your solar pool cover, you’ve most likely daydreamed around ripping it acomponent or balling it up in your garage as soon as using it with your pool.

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The excellent news is, solar cover reels sell a straightforward and convenient means to use solar covers that won’t drive you nuts, so you have the right to proceed to heat your pool.

Our Picks For Best Solar Cover Reels

We looked high and also low for the finest solar pool cover reels throughout plenty of categories, narrowing it down to just a select few.

Best Overall (Recommended)


NOTE:Item ship in more than one box and also may arrive...DURABLE, MAINTENANCE-FREE, RUST-FREE CONSTRUCTION....FIT IN ALL SHAPE POOL: Adjustment for width. This...

In-ground pool cover reel systemIncludes straps and also hardware to affix to the...Poles sold separately

22.5 feet lengthy, light, resilient, maintenance-complimentary,...Fits in-ground pools 5" ft - 22.5" ft wide.Solar...Easy for one perboy to run, permits a 2 man project...

【Durable & Adjustable】Made of sprucing up...【User-friendly Design】Features a hand crank on...【Stable & Portable】 2 wheels for basic moving....

3 Advanteras of Viewee Professional Custom Tube -...Powerful Load Bearing- Tires & Bracket - Viewee...Eco-Friendly Qualified Turntable - The material of...
Above-ground pool cover reel systemIncludes straps and also hardware to affix to the...This item fits perfectly via Swimline pole item...
POOL SOLAR BLANKET REEL SYSTEM – The Sunheater...FOR ABOVEGROUND POOLS – This solar cover reel...EASY TO USE POOL REEL SYSTEM – The basic pin...
Keep your pool water warmer with this...All the benefits of covering your above ground...Easy to install and use.

What Is A Solar Cover Reel?

A solar cover reel is used through a solar blanket (not solar sunlight rings or liquid solar blankets), allowing you to save and deploy it without arduously lugging, folding, or balling it up in the earlier of your melted till next seaboy.

Picture your toilet paper roll… except if for some factor you required to put the toilet paper back on the roll periodically. Wait, nevermind. That doesn’t job-related at all.

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It’s basically a large spool that you position at one finish of your swimming pool, consisting of a long metal pole, sustained between 2 vertical end bars.

The pole has actually some dangly straps hanging dvery own that enable you to clip the edge of the pool cover for less complicated rolling and to save it in place. One end of the reel additionally has actually some kind of wheel or crank that you’ll usage to actually wind up the cover in an reliable and not-migraine-inducing way.

Some models even have wheels to assist you relocate the whole thing approximately, making it simpler to replace, move out of sight, or save your solar cover reel amethod for the long winter months.

Note: If you don’t currently have a solar cover, you’ll almost definitely need to purchase this separately as they don’t regularly come bundled via a solar reel. See our reference listed below.