Birksun solar backpack review

We’ve all had those moments of desperately needing our phones as soon as they’re about to die and looking for an outlet, asking to borrow a charge cable, or hoping that the charge will certainly last just lengthy sufficient to sfinish that one email, for the lengthy awaited speak to to come through, or to get that reassuring text. If you’ve ever before hoped you might remain powered throughout the day, regardless of your proximity to an outlet, BirkSun is for you. BirkSun solar backpacks and messenger bags attribute developed in waterproof solar panels to charge your phone, even in low light conditions. Finally. Freedom from outlets!

How BirkSun Works

When I met BirkSun in June, I was automatically drawn to their booth to learn even more about their solar charging backpacks and how they work-related yet really— they’re quite easy.

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A huge solar panel on the front of the backpack or messenger bag captures electrical energy. Plug your charger right into the USB port on the inside of the bag and let your smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, Kindle, GoPro, or smartphone charge. An hour of sun directed towards the 9.5” x 5.25” solar panel equates into a 30% charge for your tools.

The solar panels can develop a charge even on cloudy days yet they can’t store a charge unless you plug in an exterior battery fill. BirkSun’s Air Power Bank battery fits perfectly into among the inner pockets so it will always be via you. Charge your smartphone up as soon as the sunlight is out and once it’s done, plug in your Air Power so it deserve to be a valuable backup power solution once the sunlight goes down and you have to recharge. Or share it through a friend bereason friends don’t let their friend’s phones die.

Wondering how solar power works or in search of a way to define it to your kids? Visit BirkSun’s Journal page on solar power and solar facts that’s full of helpful information.

BirkSun Elevate Solar Backpack

I’ve always thought about a backfill one of my traveling essentials bereason it allows me to store my hands cost-free while holding everything I require and also evenly distributing weight over both shoulders. But not all backpacks are produced equally. Sometimes you have to see them in perkid to know how they’re constructed and also determine if they’re right for you.

I always study the area inside the bag to ensure tbelow are enough pockets and compartments for large items like my lapheight and smaller sized items like pens, ear buds, and my phone. I also favor to encertain that there’s room for my electronic camera, planner (because I still love my paper planner!), and also whatever other items I must carry with me. It’s additionally important that the backfill fits under an plane seat as soon as full.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a brief list of backpacks that I absolutely love. The BirkSun Elevate Solar Backfill is currently on that list.

BirkSun sent out me the Elevate Air Kit for experimentation that has the Elevate backload and Air Power Bank ($200 for the 2 products). Besides maintaining my gadgets charged thanks to solar energy, the space inside the backfill is thoughtcompletely designed and attributes a bideal blue interior that stays clear of the Black Hole syndrome of losing all objects in a dark inner. The blue is eye capturing, yet not an eyesore, and also a vibrant readjust from most of the various other backpacks on the market that function more neutral interiors.

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The BirkSun Elevate features 2 zippered compartments. The larger compartment features a fleece-lined lapoptimal compartment that have the right to accommodate up to a 13” lapheight, making it perfect for the smaller MacBook Pros, iPads, Surconfront Taballows, Lenovo Yoga, and so on.

The smaller front zipped compartment has separated spaces for pens, smartphone, Air Power Bank outside battery, charging cable, and also a wallet.

Two mesh water bottle compartments keep drinks secure and also basic to grab from the side pockets yet are deep enough to really organize bottles so they don’t fall out. Or stash a water bottle in one side, your phone in the other for simple access.

Outdoor adventurers or those just spending a relaxing day on the beach deserve to continue to be hydrated while their devices charge. BirkSun Elevate consists of two hooks towards the optimal of the primary compartment that allow you to suspend the water bladder from a CamelBak and feed the hydration tube via a tiny hole at the height of the fill for straightforward sipping while on the go. This exact same hole deserve to be used for thanalysis your headphones through as soon as they’re plugged into your phone that’s inside the bag.

The pincluded straps and also earlier made the BirkSun Elevate comfortable to lug whether completely loaded through a lapheight and other essentials for a recent trip to Florida or snacks and also water for an outdoor household adundertaking. Two adjusteady straps on the bottom of the bag can conveniently hold a yoga mat, an extra jacket, or anypoint else that’s better exterior your bag than inside.

What’s Inside My BirkSun?

And there’s room to spare!



While novelty may initially draw you to BirkSun’s assets, I discovered the Elevate to be a very practical well made product that fits my lifestyle. I appreciate the capacity to charge my gadgets through solar power in order to unplug and gain time with my household while keeping my phone totally charged just in situation it’s needed in an emergency. It’s great for taking on camping trips, hiking, to the beach, or anytime you’re on the go and also not near outlets to charge your phone.

The BirkSun Elevate Air Kit is $200. It has the Elevate Solar Backpack ($175), Air Power Bank ($50), and an Apple Lightning Cable ($20) There’s certainly worth in purchasing the Elevate Air Kit and also saving money on the bundle even if you’re an Android user. You deserve to always give ameans your added Lightning Cable to make someone extremely happy!

BirkSun sent me the Elevate Solar Backfill to testimonial. No compensation was received and all opinions are my very own. Amazon Affiliate links are included in this write-up.