Brinks Solar Security Light

Several layouts of outdoor solar protection lights are available this particular day. In this short article we will look at the Brinks LED solar defense light through motion sensor. The advantages of this fixture is that you can usage it in locations that perform not have actually a continuous power supply, such as a shed or garage.

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Powered by rechargeable batteries via a activity detector, this light will be good for any outside location that demands illumicountry for a short time.

Now lets look at some of the details of this fixture.

Product: Brinks LED Solar Powered Motion-Activated Security Light, White

Price when post was written: $48.94

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What you gain in the box

You will certainly get a fixture through 2 LED bulbs that will put out 450 lumens of light through a full charge. The bulbs are in adjusteady pods choose Chameleon eyes so that the light can be spreview out around 180 levels. The fixture has a plug on the bottom to affix to the solar panel with a 16 foot cord so that the solar panel deserve to be installed remotely.

A light sensor is on the height of the fixture body with a activity sensor on the bottom. When the fixture is in the dark the movement sensor transforms on the bulbs. Tbelow is a switch on the bottom of the fixture to revolve the light off, collection to stay on for 10 or 30 seconds when movement is detected.

Eincredibly time the fixture is turned on from the off place it will come on for about 90 seconds for a test of the light. If your unit is not functioning correctly, you might desire to revolve off for at leastern 5 seconds and also turn earlier to 10 or 30 second position to test the light.

The solar panel will certainly cover about 27 square inches for sunlight light capture during the day.

Assembly and use

Mounting the solar panel and fixture will certainly be the assembly of this unit. Having a 16 foot cord in between the 2 will certainly permit you to put the fixture in a space away from the solar panel. Mounting screws and also sleeves are contained, you may need to purchase your very own hardware if not mounting on a wooden or drywall surface.

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Solar panel must be placed in a space that will acquire the most sunlight light during the day time. It will mount solidly via the four mounting screw areas. Some adjustments have the right to be made after mounting, you might should make a pad to mount on to obtain the most sunlight.

Mount the fixture in a location that you would choose illumicountry. The removable bracket will mount to the surchallenge. The fixture breaks onto the bracket and is organized in location through one screw. This screw will need to be rerelocated to remove the fixture so you can company the batteries.

Heads are adjusecure to get light in two various directions. With the light sensor on the optimal, make certain that it is not in the dark all day, as the light will certainly not acquire a charge and also will not work after dark.

You might require a couple of days charge prior to the light is approximately full charge for the best light. The 3 2000mAh 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries installed in the fixture will need to be reput every two years or so, depending on the usage and the amount of charge. This would certainly be the only procedure cost.

My take on this protection light


I have a burned in my backyard without any type of electric power source. This fixture would be an excellent light resource for obtaining out to the shed after dark. We have most pets, I will need to test to check out if they will certainly collection off the light a lot at night.

Customer comments have declared that the plastic components are very vulnerable once mounting and adjusting. Cord deserve to be a tiny as well long for most applications.


Needs no electric power source

Very bright LED bulbs that will certainly never require replaced

Great for remote locations


Designed to mount to level surfaces

Will come on throughout the day if mounted in a dark spot(execute not mount best under the eaves)

Some say cord is also long (usage breview twisters to hold after coiling up the extra)


When in search of outdoor security lighting, a solar light will certainly occupational in locations that carry out not have actually a continual power source. One of the fixtures that I recommend is a Brinks LED Solar-Powered Motion-Activated Security Light. This fixture will need to be installed and readjusted for the ideal sun capture in the time of the day and also light illumicountry in the time of the night.

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