Brunton Ember Review

We’ve been utilizing Brunton’s Ember portable charger for about three months currently and it’s mainly impressed us. Basically it’s a USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery unit in a compact instance through an integral solar panel on the back to take advantage of any type of sunshine.

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The battery’s stated capacity is 2800mA, that’s about twice the dimension of the battery in an iPhone 4 or later and the idea is that you have the right to usage it to optimal up your gadgets consisting of smartphones and GENERAL PRACTITIONERS units gave they usage a USB-compatible charging mechanism.

Neat Unit

It’s a neat, solid feeling little bit unit via swanky brumelted metal sides and also roughly fifty percent the size of a smartphone. Weight is 106g consisting of the multi-adaptable USB charging cable. A propos of which, it’s a really neat little little bit of kit that has an iPhone plug, micro-USB and also mini-USB at the company end and also a conventional USB at the other.

The genius of it is that the plugs inter-nest, so there are no loose adaptors to autumn off and also go absent in your load. To charge the Ember you sindicate plug the USB finish right into a machine and the micro-USB right into the Ember and leave it for approximately 3 to four hours till all 4 blue lights are illuminated and you’re excellent to go.

Solar Power?

You can additionally usage a USB mains plug charger. One thing we noticed is that the Ember didn’t constantly play nicely with the editorial Macbook, though it was primarily fine. The alternate is the weeny solar panel on the back of the device, however the fact is that it’s so small that also in bright-ish sunshine, it charges extremely gradually indeed – the quoted output is 100mA, so even at fully whack, you’re looking at approximately 28 hrs to fully charge the Ember, so largely we’ve been making use of it as a straightforward back-up battery charger after pre-charging using USB.

Using it prefer that it’s been decent. Having a back-up battery is reassuring if you’re using a smartphone for power-hungry GPS navigating and also we’ve found it good with the periodically temperapsychological iPhone giving a notional 2 full charges.

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The Ember’s not waterproof by any kind of means, it has unsafeguarded USB sockets – ‘water resistant’ is the insurance claim – if it were it would certainly be the icing on the cake, yet through wise prealerts, its coped fine so far.


As long as you don’t suppose the solar charger to perform much, the compact little bit Brunton Ember does a good job of keeping your tools topped up and also the one cable fits all USB attachment is a little bit of genius. Clear blue indicator lights offer you a good principle of exactly how a lot juice stays and how charging is going.

Unfortunately the solar panel, despite being of questionable use specifically in the UK, contributes to the high price of £70, though that’s balance out a small by a no quibble life-time guarantee referred to as UProof, which implies if you break the unit, ‘Brunton will relocation it, no question’.

A properly weather-proofed variation, maybe without the solar panel would certainly tick all our boxes and also we had actually high hopes of the Veho Pebble that does some of that at a decent price, however ours died without warning, so the jury’s out tbelow.

If you’re after a full-on solar panel charger, our advice would be to look at the Goal Zero variety for a bulkier yet even more reliable alternative, the Ember works finest with USB.