Canadian Solar Cs6X 305M

We perform not commonly stock this panel in our Flagstaff, AZ warehome. If you pick to pick up this panel in person at our keep, you will certainly still be responsible for paying the shipping charges to have actually the panels shipped to us from our supplier. Please email us or speak to if you have actually any inquiries.

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Canadian Solar 305 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Module

This solar panel have the right to just ship through freight truck. It deserve to NOT ship via UPS or USPS. Please email us or provide us a call if you have any concerns.

Product Note: When paired via z-bracket mounting feet, this module needs the brand-new Z-Bracket-XL-Kit through larger brackets than the typical mounting feet.

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Canadian Solar"s conventional panels have actually high device power yield at low irradiance and also low NOCT. Their stringent top quality regulate device puts them in the top ranking of The golden state Energy Commission’s PVUSA Testing given that 2009, leaving 12,472 various other silsymbol panels behind. The enhanced 40 mm frames encertain that these durable panels deserve to take care of at leastern 5400 Pa fill. Worldwide, their customers have actually taken on these panels for their fantastic performance, remarkable reliability and enhanced worth.

Canadian Solar‘s new SuperPower modules via Mono-PERC cells considerably improve performance and relicapacity. The innovative innovation supplies premium low irradiance performance in the morning, in the evening and also on cloudy days, raising the energy output of the module and the in its entirety yield of the solar system.

Module Features:11% more power than traditional modulesExcellent performance at low irradiance of approximately 97.5%High PTC (PVUSA Test Conditions) rating of up to 91.9%Imverified power manufacturing as a result of low temperature coefficientsIP68 rated junction box for long-term weather endurance and resistanceCan tolerate hefty snow load as much as 6,000 Pa, and wind pack approximately 4000 PaCS6K-305MS Specifications (STC):Silicon type: monocrystallineNumber of cells: 60Nominal max power (Pmax): 305 WattsVoltage at max power (Vmp): 32.7 Volts DCCurrent at max power (Imp): 9.33 Amps DCOpen circuit voltage (Voc): 39.9 Volts DCBrief circuit present (Isc): 9.91 Amps DCModule efficiency: 18.63%Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)Max mechanism voltage: 1,000 Volts DCPower tolerance: 0 ~ +5 WattsDimensions (inches): 65.0" x 39.1" x 35mmWeight: 40.1 poundsCable: #12 AWGConnector: T4 series (MC4 compatible)

Warranty: 25 year straight power output, 10 year product warranty on products and also workmanship