I was relaxing a 100w solar panel inside my substantial bus on the dash. It was partially shaded by the break-up winddisplay, however it still developed over 80w of power when the sun was at its optimum angle. So yeah, a solar panel will work-related inside your van placed on the dash.

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I have a sunpressure 5 watt panel propped in front of the sunshade in the windshield when I"m parked for an extensive period. It keeps the founding battery topped up just fine.

sl1966 I void warranties!
wheelsoffreedom1776 Wrote:I have actually a sunforce 5 watt panel propped in front of the sunshade in the windshield when I"m parked for an extended period. It keeps the beginning battery topped up just fine.
I"ve checked out them and also have constantly wondered whether they"re worth it. Mine is currently at an RV storage park and after having my propane tank stolen, am a little skittish about buying one. However if they"re worth it I can gain one. I"m exhausted of my battery being also weak after a month.

Not entirely the very same, however I bought a string of solar rope lights and installed them with cable clamps roughly the living quarters of my van. The solar panel/battery is able to be disconnected from the string of lights, so I put it in the windshield throughout the day, then affix it at night so that I have the right to switch the lights on and also off without using my home batteries. So far so good...

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though I have actually been toying with the concept of putting a 20 watt panel in my windshield to keep my founding battery charged while charging my cell phone/tablet.

I simply recently purchased a 100 watt grape solar panel from residence depot. I haven"t had a chance to install it yet, though.

Can you over charge a battery if you constantly have actually a trickle charge on it? Is there some kind of a voltage regulator from the cigarette lighter that would prevent an overcharge from happening?Rae
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