Aphelion's Rest on Dreaming City is the fastest IMO. Boss drops 10 seeds and is super simple to kill. It's exceptionally quick to perform your framework kills on the abundant adds in tright here, kill the boss for 10 seeds, go out, earlier in, kill the boss again, and also framework is done. Works extremely well for all however the machine gun (as a result of its necessity of killing a bunch of powerful enemies). Other DC Lost Sector bosses additionally occupational. Mars Lost Sector bosses also work but are considerably harder to kill than the DC ones. No other planets' Lost Sector bosses offer 10 seeds to my understanding.

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2 public events. Bosses drop 10 each. And I commonly go to Artifact’s Edge shed sector for whatever kills I need.

Or simply run the forges a couple times the blue men count so kill them off and the finish boss drops like 8 or 9 it seems favor so within one possibly 2 runs you'll have every little thing you need

Aphelion rest on the dreaming city is the best hands dvery own. Run it twice, tbelow is also a shortcut jump right to the boss if you’re additional lazy.

I go to Mars and also basically run the straightforward Dust Rock Blues farming Lost Sector called Core Terminus. It is to the leftthe majority of structure once you spawn into Braytech.

Easy to run by all the adds and right to the room to kill the Knight that spawns and also gain 10 radiant seeds. Then kill staying adds in the room and exit by means of shortcut door that opens up, rinse and repeat an additional time. Easy to basically use that Lost Sector for farming anypoint Hive.

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This is usually much faster than Aphelion's Rest bereason it is a lot much longer to take a trip tbelow from the Dreaming City generate.

Cryopod public occasion on the tangled shore drops a pack of them given that most the opponents that generate are yellow bars

I think the hive lost sector in the Futurescape on Mars is the most basic to farm. Boss drops 10 seeds and can be one-shotted by Celestial Nighthawk on bottom tree gold gun. Probably can likewise be deleted conveniently by nova bomb. Lord of Wolves might also be sufficient for a quick kill.

With Celestial Nighthawk I was able to run that lost sector in around 2 minutes, not trying to speedrun or anypoint. I’m slow as shit lmao

I constantly go to the Dreaming City. One of the three locations is bound to have the mini-event "enimies are relocating against each other" going on as soon as you fill in so find it and also kill the constantly respawning enimies until you have actually sufficient seeds.

No go to the leviathan ideal as soon as you spawn tright here are 8 effective adversaries kill all collect seeds rinse and also repeat. Farming at its best

Unless you are doing the machine gun, which calls for many type of powerful foe kills on the prior step, it is a lot, much faster to usage Dreaming City Lost Sector Aphelion's Rest.


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