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Comfort Cove® electrical wall heaters are cost-reliable and energy-efficient; their radiant warm allows the room to feel warmer at reduced temperatures, saving homeowners money on heating costs.

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Comfort Cove® in the home

Comfort Cove® are electrical radiant heaters that are price efficient, power effective, and also maintenance-complimentary. They will warmth your floors and also create a comfortable setting of warmth, without the price and risks of other heating systems.

It"s “green” heating for eincredibly room in the home! Use Comfort Cove as a garage heater, bathroom heater, kitchen heater, basement heater, bedroom heater, or every one of the above!

What is radiant heat?

Electric radiant heaters produce radiant warm, which is even more energy-reliable than various other heaters. Much favor heat from the sun, the power emitted from the Comfort Cove® radiant electrical heater warms civilization, objects, and also the floor in the room straight, which helps to substantially conserve on energy costs.

Why Radiant Heat?
Radiant heat is price reliable.

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Comfort Cove® electric wall heaters are of long lasting construction, and also designed to be a low-maintenance as feasible, conserving you money on heater maintenance expenses.

Heater Features


Because these electrical wall heaters come in a selection of colors, they are able to complement your residence décor. The compact style enables them to be wall installed close to the ceiling, saving wall room.

Off White (typical finish)WalnutPure WhiteLight GrayLight AlmondOff WhiteWalnutPure WhiteLight GrayLight Almond

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