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Curran Renewable Energy

This family-owned and operated wood pellet manufacturer prides themselves on sustaining the regional economic situation while growing their business. With aid from St. Lawrence County IDA, Curran Renewable Energy has associated to the resources that has fostered even more than 10 years of ongoing invention and also expansion.

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Over 10 years ago...

Pat Curran set out to construct a wood pellet renewable energy company making use of the large herbal resources of St. Lawrence County. Having establimelted Seameans Timber Harvesting in 1990, he saw the flourishing sector for in your area sourced lumber fuel as a renewable energy resource. A keen and also proficient business owner, Pat kbrand-new where his business needed to expand, yet essential assist on exactly how to gain tright here. He met through St. Lawrence County IDA and also together they put a plan in area for resources options, development plans, and a solution to hire more of the neighborhood workpressure.



Curran Renewable Energy, a timber pellet manufacturer, sells in both the US and Canadian sectors from domestic industry massive box stores including Tractor Supply and also Lowe’s to mommy & pop shops. This is made easier as Pat describes via the neighborhood port of Ogdensburg along with Port de Valleyfield just 50 miles amethod in Quebec and also 85 miles to the Port of Montactual. Curran has actually additionally come to be SBP Certified and sells to Europe and Scandinausing making the ports even even more necessary to their business. Pat adds that the best new opportunity for manufacturers in the region originates from the CN Railmethod that leaves St Lawrence County and goes direct to Montgenuine.


Transportation is paramount but the Curran Family additionally credits the low-price power and local talent to their ongoing development. Hiring neighborhood is important to these St. Lawrence County natives and also Marketing Manager Kelli Curran Ramsey states that their employees, who have been part of local training programs are the company’s best ascollection.



A Local Business Whose Success is in the Numbers

Curran Renewable Energy keeps the neighborhood economy going and St. Lawrence County helps this regional company continue to grow and grow.

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Continued Growth

Curran Renewable Energy has been developing renewable biofuel for 11 years. CRE is proud of the commodities they produce because they come from their backyard. Stewardship of the land is what drives Seameans Timber Harvesting, Curran Logging, and Curran Renewable Energy to be an imaginative leader in harvesting and manufacturing of woodland products today.

History Made at Home

With only a few chainsaws, one used logging truck, and a doodle-bug developed to run as a skidder, Patrick Curran and his brothers began a family members logging company in Massena, NY in 1976. By 1984, Curran Logging, Inc. was establimelted, and also Seameans Timber Harvesting was integrated in 1990. The suppliers are owned and also operated by brothers Pat, Tim, and also Lee. Other household members have actually worked for the agency from its beforehand days, and also some still continue this particular day, together with over 100 dedicated employees.

What’s Next

Curran Renewable Energy is working closely with the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency and also the Growth Authority of the North Counattempt on an growth project on roughly 28 acres of idle industrial land on the St. Lawrence River. The website contains a sprawling 143,000-square-foot former production building, for which the St. Lawrence County IDA’s Local Growth Corp. assisted CRE in acquiring a $400,000 low-interemainder loan.

Any business that you put together takes resources. And the majority of civilization that have an principle perform not constantly have actually the skills to gain the funding that it takes to develop a organization. And that’s what’s really useful working via the St. Lawrence County IDA.

Pat Curran, Curran Renewable Energy

Success in St. Lawrence County

Asked why they would certainly recommfinish St. Lawrence County to potential company owners, both Pat and also Kelli agree it’s a wonderful place to raise a household. Pat who has been here 60 years states that waking up on the St. Lawrence River reminds him just how lucky he is that this beautiful scenic river is at his dooraction. Kelli returned to the area to start a family members bereason of the sense of area and also limitless outdoor adendeavors for her household all year round.

With even more than a decade producing top quality timber pelallows, The Curran Family proceeds to grow their business as they relocate right into commercial pellets and are working through the St. Lawrence County IDA on a brand-new commercial area and also employment training regime. They look forward to welcoming you to the neighborhood.

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