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Q. How do Dankoff SlowPumps and also FlowLight Booster Pumps work?A. The Dankoff Solar Water Pump is designed to be powered by solar panels, batteries, or AC from your generator or grid. The the majority of economical way to use a Dankoff Pump is to run it “Array Direct”, interpretation that the pump is wired to the solar panels through a controller, and it only runs during the day, once the sun hits the solar panels. Usually two, three or 4 90 watt solar panels are used. With this sort of erected, water is pumped right into an open up tank which gravity feeds to wherever before it is essential. Dankoff SlowPump models are generally supplied as soon as pumping right into an open tank. Unprefer many various other pumps, the Dankoff SlowPump will generally run all day lengthy, whenever before the sun hits the panels, until the tank becomes complete. Because they pump little amounts of water over a long duration of time, they have the right to be sized substantially smaller than a typical grid-powered centrifugal pump, which is designed to provide a big blast of water for a few minutes, then shut off.

Various models are obtainable that have the right to pump as high as 440 feet or carry out as much as 1500 gallons per day. A float switch deserve to be installed in the tank to shut off the pump as soon as the tank becomes full. Hence these pumps are best for homesteaders, ranchers, preppers, and anyone living off the grid.

Q. What if I need pressurized water for family members use?A. Dankoff Solar Water Pump models are easily accessible which have the right to run on battery financial institutions. Typically the Flowlight Booster Pumps are provided for this application, because they have a greater flow price for quicker pressure tank recoextremely. For this application, the solar panels charge the batteries, which power the pump. Usually, 2 or 4 Deep Cycle/RV/Maritime batteries are linked together to produce 12, 24, or 48 volts. The rest of the mechanism is standard, with a press switch that turns off the pump as soon as the desired press is reached in the push tank. Q. I have actually AC power from the grid or my inverter, yet I’d favor to usage a Dankoff Solar Water Pump bereason they are straightforward and energy-saving. How can I execute that?A. Dankoff Pumps are designed for people who are living off the grid, whether you run the pump on DC or AC. There are Dankoff Pump models accessible which deserve to run on standard 120 VAC and also 12, 24, and also 48 VDC.. Be certain your inverter is large enough that it deserve to take care of the added load. Q. Does a Dankoff Solar Water Pump call for a controller?A: Pump controllers are forced for SlowPumps and also Flowlight Booster Pumps when offered without a battery (PV array-direct). A solar array without a controller (or battery) will certainly be unable to provide the present to start or run the pump unless the sunlight is very bideal. It may not start till mid-day. A controller acts favor the transmission in a auto. It lowers the voltage and raises the present to run the pump, but slowly, in low-light conditions – favor moving to low equipment. The controller also protects the motor from overfill and over-rate and also gives low-power float switch regulate.Controllers will certainly increase the performance about 30% over the course of a year.


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Does a Dankoff Solar Water Pump need a filter?A. The Dankoff Solar Water Pump calls for a 10 micron filter to protect the pump head. Use of these pumps without a filter will certainly void the warranty. Q. What water sources can I use? A. The SlowPump and also Flowlight Booster Pump deserve to pump from springs, ponds, and creeks. They can “suck” water up from the source, so they have the right to be set up as high as 20 feet over the water resource. If your water resource is dirty, it is wise to pre-clean it by running it into a settling tank or pond. The dirtier the water is, the even more regularly the filter hregarding be reput. Q. In what form of atmosphere have to I install and store Dankoff Solar Pumps?A. The Dankoff Solar Water Pump is not a submersible pump. They have the right to toleprice occasional water splash, however must be safeguarded from extreme wet problems consisting of rain. The motors call for some air cooling; please enable air area approximately the motor. Do not wrap insulation approximately it. Provide coverage from rain and also direct sun as well. If freezing is to be intended, rerelocate the pump or drainpipe it for the winter seachild. Eexceptionally Dankoff pump comes via a comprehensive instruction hands-on. Please read the hand-operated thoroughly before installation. You deserve to downpack it in advance from www.highlifterpumpbusiness.comQ. Why does the Dankoff Solar Pump motor usage brushes?A.The Dankoff Solar Water Pump is designed for commercial reliability at the lowest price. The pumps use brush-kind motors for simplicity and also economic situation. Brushes are a wearing component, yet brush life mainly exceeds 10 years. Brushes are straightforward to examine and also relocation, taking simply a few minutes. The instruction manuals have even more advice on predicting brush life and also replacing them. A brush motor supplies great simplicity and low cost because it runs from DC power directly through no require for conversion to AC. Brushless electric motors expense much more and are not of great advantage for surchallenge pumps. Pumps with brush-type electric motors and positive displacement pump heads, such as the SlowPump and the Flowlight Booster Pump, are the many power effective kind of pump easily accessible.Q. Does the Dankoff Solar Pump have dry run protection?A. The Slowpump and the Flowlight Booster pump have an optional Dry Run switch which attaches to the pump head. If the pump head must overheat as a result of absence of water, the dry run switch will revolve off the pump. It will certainly then have to be reset manually after the pump head cools down. To prevent permanent damages to the pump head, we strongly recommend that you purchase the Dry Run switch for your Slowpump or Flowlight Booster pump.