Dark Flare Or Solar Barrage

Welconcerned the Magicka Templar Beginner Guide for ESO. Magicka Templars are said to be the best beginner course, as they are exceptionally excellent at survival, damage and also adaptability. The skills I chose below are the priority. You can pick up any skill alengthy the way that you choose, yet this will certainly be the best course for survival, damages and also assistance.

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If you don’t understand also somepoint and also it isn’t covered below you can discover it in the general New Player Beginner Guide, otherwise join the Discord where you will certainly uncover a beneficial community!

Table of Contents

Level 10Level 15

The Start

This Magicka Templar Beginner Guide is right here to aid you via knowledge how the course works and getting offered to playing with both bars which is vital for all classes. I will certainly help you overview with the initially 15 levels and then aid you reach level 50 and what to carry out once you hit it.

Level 2 (Attributes & Skill)

The initially attribute suggest is assigned at level 2 and goes into magicka. All various other points will go into this attribute also, as you don’t have to problem about health and wellness or toughness.The first skill suggest need to go right into Puncturing Strikein the Aedric Spar tree in your Class ability line and also will certainly be your initially “spammable”, interpretation that you can use this ability repetitively in any rotation.

Don’t worry around the passive abilities yet. They are nice to have actually while you are leveling, however you want to maintain a great balance in between skills you are making use of, and passive abilities that help you via reresource management, survival or damage.

You will certainly additionally most likely not have the ability to constantly actors a ability and will usage the majority of light strikes. That is perfectly fine. Try making a Light Attack and then a ability. You might discover that this is an excellent way to inflict damages, and also it will help you in the long run (a lot!).



Level 3 (Gear & Skills)

In the tutorial you deserve to currently discover several random equipment and also other items by looking right into urns, cupboards, chests and any kind of container you can discover. You want an inferno staff early on, as that is your main weapon, yet you deserve to use your course abilities also without the best weapon.

With level 3 you will certainly receive a reward box that has equipment and also other goodies which we have the right to utilize for this Magicka Templar Beginner Guide.

You will obtain buff food for the first time. It will certainly boost your major stats and is a crucial component of the game as an constantly obtainable buff. Double click it, or hover via your computer mouse over the item and also push E.Upon getting to level 3 you can claim your level up reward and you will acquire 1 added ability point. In enhancement, after completing the tutorial/search you will certainly get a reward which includes an additional ability points like presented in the tutorial video here. 1 should go right into Rushed Ceremony in the Restoring Light tree and 1 right into sun Fire in your Class skill line Dawn’s Wrath. You have to currently have actually the following skills on your initially skill bar:Puncturing StrikeRuburned CeremonySun Fire

For eexceptionally ability slotted you will certainly obtain endure in their respective skill lines/trees. Which indicates it is imperative to have an capability for eextremely ability line on your skill bar that you intfinish to level. The more skills, the faster the skill line levels, but that just as a side note. Tright here is no factor to rush any type of initially.

Level 3 Rewards

Buff Food in the Reward Box


Level 4 (Weapon Skills)

With level 4 you have to have actually discovered a devastation staff by currently, or, if you didn’t discover one, bought one from a Woodworker. You have the right to uncover them in communities and villperiods, and they will certainly sell you a staff for 480 gold. I recommend the Maple Inferno Staff, as you will only ever be utilizing inferno staves through this Magicka Templar Beginner Guide. If you can’t find a restoration staff on your own, additionally buy a Maple Repair Staff. Don’t forgain to equip it and kill an adversary with either, as that will certainly unlock the ability line.

You have the right to also ask in zone chat if someone has the time to easily craft you both (kind /z in the chat and also hit enter to create in zone chat). It isn’t guaranteed that you will discover someone that has actually the moment or expertise to craft you one, yet that is at leastern an choice.

If you have unlocked the Destruction ability line with your inferno (or ice or lightning) staff don’t be tempted to put a skill suggest in it. You would certainly be leveling the ability line faster, however at this suggest it isn’t important. Keeping the weapon equipped will level the ability line, as well.

It’s likewise essential to point out that staves are thought about magical damage and also will certainly not advantage from weapon damage buffs. (The abilities displayed in the following photos are simply examples)


Training Gear

If you want to level up as quick as feasible, you would certainly desire equipment that has actually the trait Training (or so referred to as “training gear”). If you desire to inspect out all the experience boost choices obtainable I recommend checking out the Power Leveling Grind Guide. If you are currently in a guild, ask a guild member of yours to craft you some training gear. You can gain it crafted at any kind of level, but the higher the high quality, the less regularly you need it crafted:

5 Light Armor with training trait1 Heavy Armor with training trait1 Medium Armor via training trait1 Destruction Staff through training trait1 Repair staff through training trait (will certainly be provided later)


First off, the ability points:

1 allude right into Evocation (Light Armor) and 1 into Enduring Rays (Dawn’s Wrath), which will be your initially passive skills1 suggest into morphing Grand Healing into Healing Springs (Repair Staff tree)

Your bar must look like somepoint prefer this now:


Stormhaven – The Mage

Grahthardwood – The Mage

Deshaan – The Mage

Level 11 & 12 (Ultimate Ability)

1 skill point into Radial Sweep (Aedric Spear) and via Level 12 1 skill allude into Nova (Dawn’s Wrath)

Ultimate Abilities call for a unique resource referred to as Ultimate before they deserve to be supplied and also isn’t accessible automatically. You get Ultimate by engaging in combat over time. Once you have actually enough Ultimate, you deserve to use it, however don’t have to. Sometimes it is worth waiting till you either communicate against a strong adversary, or have actually multiple enemies to use it against.

Unmorphed, Radial Sweep is a Single Targain ability and also finest provided against stronger opponents (yet functions versus smaller sized ones of course, too), whereas Nova is a Multiple Tarobtain capability. Depfinishing on whether you are leveling on your own, or in a dungeon, you might want to switch these out.

Don’t be afrassist to usage your Ultimate Ability, or wait for the ideal moment. It is a rarer resource than a normal skill, but will not have such an significant high impact on your gameplay that you would certainly desire to use it in just the raremainder scenarios.

As quickly as you morph Radial Sweep right into the said morph it will certainly end up being a multiple tarobtain capability, but the targets will certainly need to stand in front of you. So it might be much easier to usage Nova once they are scattered all roughly.

Level 13 (Passive Ability)

1 ability suggest into Piercing Spear, passive capacity of Aedric Spear (Class)

I haven’t covered Passive Abilities a lot yet, however that is bereason they are fairly uncrucial in the beginning. You want to gain a ability in order to level that tree first. The even more you play the game though, the more you want to look right into helping you inflict more damage, endure longer or assist you manage your sources. Try to always prioritize an energetic ability over a passive while leveling.

Level 15 (Passives & Weapon Swapping & Skill Setup)

1 skill suggest into Prism under Dawn’s Wrath (Class), 2 into the Racial abilities and also 1 right into Evocation under Light Armor

Weapon Swapping will currently come to be easily accessible via Level 15.

Solar Barrage
Skill effectConjure solar energy to blast adversaries roughly you, dealing 575 Magic Damage eexceptionally 2 seconds for 8 secs. While this capacity is active you gain Empower, enhancing the damages of your Light and Heavy Attacks by 40%.Morph effectDeals damages in multiple blasts roughly you rather of at a single adversary.
Skill effectBeacon your inner light, healing yourself or a wounded ally in front of you for 3485 Health. Also heals one various other injured tarobtain for 1199 Health.Morph effectHeals a second tarobtain for one 3rd the amount.
Skill effectCreate an unstable elemental obstacle in front of you, dealing 316 Magic Damage to opponents in the tarobtain location eincredibly 1 second before exploding for an additional 1799 Magic Damage. Unsecure Wall of Fire deals additional damages to Burning enemies. Unsecure Wall of Frost expenses more, yet grants damage shields and also immobilizes Chilled adversaries. Unstable Wall of Storms sets Concussed enemies Off Balance.

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Morph effectThe wall explodes once it expires, dealing additional damage.
Skill effectSummon restoring spirits with your staff, healing you and your allies in the tarobtain location for 386 Health and an additional 386 Health eextremely 1 second for 8 seconds. You reclaim 30 Magicka eextremely time you or an ally is healed.Morph effectYou reclaim Magicka for each friendly taracquire healed.
Skill effectSwing your Aedric spear about with holy vengeance, dealing 2323 Magic Damage to all adjacent enemies and also an additional 1161 Magic Damage eextremely 2 seconds for 6 secs.

Backbar (Healing Staff) 1. Healing Springs 2. Solar Barrage 3. Breath of Life 4. Puncturing Sweep 5. Unsecure Wevery one of Elements 6. Ultimate: Nova

Skill effectSummon restoring spirits with your staff, healing you and also your allies in the taracquire location for 386 Health and a second 386 Health eincredibly 1 second for 8 secs. You regain 30 Magicka eextremely time you or an ally is healed.Morph effectYou reclaim Magicka for each friendly tarobtain healed.
Skill effectConjure solar power to blast enemies about you, dealing 575 Magic Damage eexceptionally 2 secs for 8 secs. While this ability is energetic you gain Empower, enhancing the damage of your Light and Heavy Attacks by 40%.Morph effectDeals damages in multiple blasts about you instead of at a single adversary.
Skill effectBeacon your inner light, healing yourself or a wounded ally in front of you for 3485 Health. Also heals one other injured taracquire for 1199 Health.Morph effectHeals a second taracquire for one 3rd the amount.
Skill effectLaunch a relentmuch less assault, striking adversaries in front of you 4 times via your Aedric spear. The spear deals 872 Magic Damage to the closest foe and also 334 Magic Damage to all various other enemies. Each strike reduces the Movement Speed of the closest enemy by 40% for 1 second. You heal for 40% of the damage done with this ability.Morph effectYou heal for a percent of the damage done.
Skill effectCreate an unstable elemental obstacle in front of you, dealing 316 Magic Damage to opponents in the tarobtain area eextremely 1 second before exploding for a second 1799 Magic Damage. Unsteady Wall of Fire deals extra damage to Burning enemies. Unstable Wevery one of Frost costs more, however grants damages shields and also immobilizes Chilled adversaries. Unsteady Wall of Storms sets Concussed adversaries Off Balance.Morph effectThe wall explodes when it expires, dealing extra damage.
Skill effectCall dvery own a fragment of the sunlight, dealing 1161 Magic Damage eincredibly 1 second for 8 secs to enemies in the area and afflicting them through Major Maim, reducing their damage done by 10%. An ally close to the fragment have the right to activate the Supernova synergy, dealing 2607 Magic Damage to all opponents in the area and also stunning them for 3 seconds.

The Road to Level 50

From now on I will not guide you through levels anyeven more, yet what you need to carry out upon reaching ability line rank, as everyone progresses slightly in different ways, depending upon exactly how strict they follow this guide, what you can have currently noticed.

I will certainly nonetheless list the ranks that you currently unlocked for the sake of completeness.

The passives unlock at certain ranks, but won’t be fully available yet. Insert the following skill suggest as shortly as you have the right to and proceed leveling the passives that you already unlocked. To make certain you won’t miss out on them, I will encompass the rank they unlock at again.

You deserve to constantly take other abilities, of course, as lengthy as you remember to put among each skill line unto your bar. You will a lot of likely not have actually got to Rank 50 in all skill lines upon getting to Level 50. That is normal and on the road to Champion Points 160 you have actually plenty of time to gain them to max rank.

Also, you deserve to reset your skills or morphs at any type of provided time in either the major cities of the alliances, or in Vivec City or Alinor at the Temples, and also if you don’t need a ability anyeven more favor Sun Fire.

The following is a list of the should haves for the Ideal setup. You deserve to neglect the Meras Guild maximum rank if you simply desire to go via the Minimum setup for currently.


Aedric Spear

Rank 12 – Radial Sweep (Morph: Crescent Sweep)Rank 22- Burning Light (Passive)Rank 30 – Spear Shards (Morph: Blazing Spear)Rank 39- Balanced Warrior (Passive)
Skill effectSwing your Aedric spear about through holy vengeance, dealing 2323 Magic Damage to all surrounding adversaries and an additional 1161 Magic Damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.
Skill effectWhen you deal damage with an Aedric Spear capability 4 times in quick succession, you deal 1348 Physical Damage or 1348 Magic Damage to your tarobtain, whichever is higher.
Skill effectSend your spear right into the heavens to carry down a shower of magnificent wrath, dealing 1742 Magic Damage to enemies in the location and a second 172 Magic Damage eexceptionally 1 second for 10 seconds. An ally near the spear deserve to activate the Blessed Shards synergy, restoring 3960 Magicka or Stamina, whichever maximum is better.

Dawn’s Wrath

Rank 4 – Solar Flare (Morph: Solar Barrage)Rank 14- Prism (Passive)Rank 22 – Illuminate (Passive)Rank 39 – Restoring Spirit (Passive)Rank 42 – Radiant Destruction (Morph: Radiant Oppression)
Skill effectConjure a ball of solar power to heave at an enemy, dealing 2404 Magic Damage. Also grants you Empower for 3 seconds, enhancing the damage of your Light and also Heavy Attacks by 40%.
Skill effectCasting a Dawn"s Wrath capacity while in combat geneprices 3 Ultimate. This result deserve to occur as soon as eincredibly 6 secs.
Skill effectCasting a Dawn"s Wrath capacity grants Minor Sorcery to you and also your team for 20 secs, increasing your Spell Damage by 10%.