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What is Destiny‘s Prikid of Elders?

Alongside the divisive Trials of Osiris, the Prikid of Elders is Bungie’s latest enhancement to Destiny alongside the Housage of Wolves. In what is essentially a horde mode, players should fight via 5 rounds of enhancing hard adversaries, with round each sporting 3 waves. Some waves simply consist of adversaries in droves, while others have certain objectives that should be completed to avoid wiping and also shedding.

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Who is Skolas?

Skolas – the ‘Kell of Kells’, as the Fallen leader refers to himself – is the antagonist of the Destiny‘s whole Housage of Wolves expansion.

Having been collection complimentary from the Priboy of Elders at the start of the story, the player goes through story missions and also inevitably subdues him so the Queen deserve to re-capture him. Now the Queen has actually granted Guardians access to the Prison of Elders for you to finish the task.


Skolas is the substantial bad boss of Destiny‘s House of Wolves, and as such he sporting activities an significant amount of health and wellness, and also a big Scorch Cannon, which shoots Solar Burn projectiles with big splash damages. As is usual with bosses, he additionally moves quite slowly, which is integral to beating him.

How can I beat Skolas in the Priboy of Elders?

Beating Skolas is no intend feat, considering the mission features level 35 adversaries in droves. The method to beating him is also different to that of previous Rounds in the Prison of Elders, so as such needs many cooperation and a quick cause finger.

The following approach is based on this week’s (2sixth May) Arc Burn buff – through succeeding burns, sindicate swap out for tantamount tools via the appropriate burn if you have actually them.

Here is a video by ‘Identical Things’ for a visual instance on just how this strategy functions in action.

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Method 1.


Primary: Any Arc-based main weapon – supplied to deal with smaller enemiesSecondary: Arc-based Field Scout Sniper Rifle – ensures you have plenty of ammo in reserve, supplied for laying dvery own fire on SkolasHeavy: Any Arc-based Rocket Launcher

Player Tasks:

Player 1: Spawns Weapons of Light Bubble Shield (this is necessary, due to constant protection), focuses on SkolasPlayer 2: Focoffers on Skolas, leaves to defuse Mine as quickly as bonds are brokenPlayer 3: Focuses on Skolas

Wright here do I go?

Head over to the left edge of the room upon enattempt, previous the crates and against the far wall, at the bottom of the stairinstance wbelow the Servitor spawns. Encertain you have a straight line of sight t0 Solas. This area is perfect bereason it hides you from many the smaller sized opponents that generate on the various other side of the room, and it puts a fair amount of distance between you and Skolas without sacrificing visibility.

The Bubble Shied is essential to remajor in the open up and also shielded at the exact same time.

What carry out I do?

This technique is all about speed. If you have the right to gain it done, you should gain it done quickly:

Head over just previous left earlier corner of the room.Shoot and also kill the Servitor in the edge. Blog post “Servitor Bonds Weakened” will show up.Titan sets up Bubble Shield, provides players “Weapons of Light” upon entry.All players usage Sniper Rifles to shoot Skolas continuously; preferably in the head.When Mines spawn, one player leaves to dismantle them while other 2 remain behind and save shooting Skolas.Upon running out of Sniper Rifle ammo, switch to Rocket Launcher.Success.

The approach will obviously differ depending upon what Light level each player is, yet through persistence and sufficient ammunition, everyone should have the ability to efficiently use this to beat Skolas and the Prichild of Elders. We are obviously yet to test it, however when there are other burns easily accessible it’s safe to assume the strategy will work-related just too (perhaps not with Solar Burn, yet we’ll see).

Here are a few parting tips to aid you conquer Destiny‘s Prikid of Elders and its toughest inhabitant, Skolas:

Keep in mind many Fallen adversaries shoot Arc-based projectiles.You need to damage the Servitor before you begin shooting Skolas.If you fail to disarm the Mines, you die.One player will certainly be ‘tainted’ by Skolas – look for “Skolas taints a Guardian’s Light” – while you’re fighting, so keep in mind you will need to absorb that player’s Essence to keep them from dying. Keep in contact through your team to watch exactly how a lot health and wellness the Tainted player hregarding decide when to absorb it from them.

See right here for a guide on how to defeat Qodron, the Prichild of Elders level 34 boss.