Do I Need A Solar Combiner Box

The duty of the combiner box is to bring the output of several solar strings together. Daniel Shertimber, director of product management at SolarBOS, explained that each string conductor lands on a fusage terminal and the output of the fsupplied inputs are merged onto a single conductor that connects the box to the inverter. “This is a combiner box at its the majority of basic, but when you have one in your solar job, there are additional functions commonly incorporated into the box,” he shelp. Disattach switches, security tools and also remote fast shutdown tools are examples of additional equipment.

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Solar combiner boxes likewise consolidate incoming power into one main feed that distributes to a solar inverter, included Patrick Kane, product manager at Eaton. This conserves labor and also product costs through wire reductions. “Solar combiner boxes are engineered to administer overexisting and overvoltage security to boost inverter security and also relicapability,” he sassist.

“If a task just has two or 3 strings, prefer a typical residence, a combiner box isn’t compelled. Rather, you’ll attach the string directly to an inverter,” Shertimber sassist. “It is only for larger tasks, anywhere from 4 to 4,000 strings that combiner boxes become necessary.” However before, combiner boxes can have actually advantages in jobs of all sizes. In residential applications, combiner boxes have the right to carry a small variety of strings to a central area for easy installation, disconnect and also maintenance. In commercial applications, in a different way sized combiner boxes are frequently supplied to capture power from unorthodox layouts of varying structure forms. For utility-range jobs, combiner boxes allow website developers to maximize power and also minimize material and labor costs by distributing the linked relationships.

The combiner box should reside between the solar modules and inverter. When optimally positioned in the selection, it deserve to limit power loss. Position deserve to additionally be vital to price. “Location is extremely necessary because a combiner in a non-optimal area might perhaps boost DC BOS costs from losses in voltage and power,” Kane described. “It just constitutes a few cents per watt, yet it’s important to get best,” Shertimber agreed.

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Little maintenance is compelled for combiner boxes. “The setting and frequency of usage should determine the levels of maintenance,” Kane defined. “It is a great principle to examine them periodically for leaks or loose relationships, yet if a combiner box is set up appropriately it must continue to function for the lifetime of the solar job,” Shertimber included.

The high quality of the combiner box is the most necessary consideration as soon as choosing one, especially since it’s the first piece of tools associated to the output of the solar modules. “Combiner boxes are not expensive compared to other tools in a solar job, however a faulty combiner box can fail in a dramatic method, including shooting flames and smoke,” Sherhardwood warned. “All need to be third-party certified to condevelop to UL1741, the pertinent standard for this form of tools,” Shertimber sassist. Also be sure to pick a combiner box that meets the technical demands for your project.

A new trfinish is the incorporation of a whip: a size of wire with a solar connector on the end. “Rather than a contractor drilling holes in the combiner box and installing fittings in the area, we install whips at the factory that permit the installer to ssuggest affix the output conductors to the box using a mating solar connector,” Shertimber described. “It’s as basic as plugging in a toaster.”

This year arc-fault protection and remote quick shutdown gadgets are more renowned than ever before, due to recent alters in the National Electrical Code that call for them in many solar applications. “New technologies and components are propelled by the NEC transforms, and also the desire for enhanced energy performance and also reduction of labor expenses,” Kane said. A few of these new components include: greater voltage components, integral mounting hardware and tradition grounding options.


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Can someone describe why the circuit protection tools are needed? Solar panels are made to run at or cshed to brief circuit all the time so it can’t be protecting them. The charge controller or inverter is sized to take care of 25% even more than the solar panels deserve to output in brief circuit (per NEC code) so the circuit breakers are not protecting them. Circuit breakers are not fast sufficient to protect people. You would require a GFCI breaker for that so they are not protecting human beings. The wires are sized with better ampacity than the short circuit present per NEC code so not protecting the wires. Not protecting the solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, wires, or human beings. What are they for?