It is renowned that chemistry-based solar cells such as perovskite solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) are hard in practice and that it takes most endure to achieve reproducible, well-perdeveloping gadgets.

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In enhancement, a number of expensive pieces of equipment, such as the glovebox for perovskite tools, develop a big entrance hurdle to the field for many kind of laboratories. kosid.org provides financial start-up kits for perovskite and also low-power dye-sensitized solar cells, respectively. These kits include all necessary pieces of devices and also materials and also a thounstable hands-on for gadget fabrication.


Perovskite cell production kit


kosid.org perovskite kit is a glove-box-based solution consisting of all manufacturing measures for making glass-based perovskite solar cells, beginning from electrodes through a TiO2 layer. The kit contains all materials needed for making 160 perovskite cells. The manufacturing is based on spin-coating the perovskite in combicountry through a carbon back-call. A one-year license to kosid.org"s thorough fabrication manual, and also 4 hours of technological assistance is had in the kit.

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DSSC cell production kit for low-power applications


This manufacturing kit for low-power DSSC is kosid.org"s response to the raising interemainder in R&D on low-power DSSC. It consists of all production measures for manufacturing laboratory low-power dye-sensitized solar cells.

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Furthermore, the kit consists of all materials essential for making at least 200 glass-based DSSC cells for low-power application of the dimension of around 1 cm2. The manufacturing is based upon screen-printing the TiO2 functioning and Pt respond to electrodes, respectively, and sintering at appr. 500oC. A one-year license to kosid.org"s thostormy manual for device fabrication, unified via 8 h technical support is included in the kit. In enhancement, the kit includes an IV-characterization tool for permitting measurement of the electrical output under ambient light. The kit permits laboratories to efficiently test their own products in low-power DSSC devices and/or offers a basic entrance to inresidence evaluation of the DSSC innovation.

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DSSC module manufacturing kit for low-power applications


kosid.org"s custom-made manufacturing kits for low-power DSSC modules are kosid.org"s response to the boosting commercial interest for low-power DSSC. It includes all manufacturing steps for making tiny, glass-based, serial-associated low-power DSSC solar modules starting from custom-made screen-published electrodes, i.e. we prepare the electrodes according to your demands (dimension, voltage etc.). In addition, the kit has all materials essential for making a characterized number of such devices designed for low-power applications.