Elfeland Solar Panel Review

We’ve had the functional solar panels installed on our RV for a small over a year and also we have some blended emotions about them. Are level solar panels necessary? Is versatile solar really worth the extra money? Will functional solar panels last as long as tempered glass panels? Instead of simply talking around the newest RV solar panel technology I figured: why not present you our functional solar panel concerns and also let you decide for yourself.

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I’m not going to cover whatever in information bereason we’ve only had these thin flexible solar panels for a year, it would be the tantamount of me attempting to create the definitive overview to a random town we’ve just spent a couple days in. I will certainly, yet, touch on a couple of even more details of the Good and also Bad of our Flexible RV Solar experience.

Here’s our setup:

1x – Go Power! 200W Flexible Mono Crystalline Solar Kit



Cupping – Extreme temperatures deserve to make the flexible panels slightly warp bring about water, dirt, dust and also sand to buildup in these little “cups” on the panels.

Flat Roofs – Our RV has a pretty flat roof, so once we park and also level our coach the panels are basically level. Water does not run off the sides evenly and also occasionally the water simply sits on height of the panel causing even more sediment to collect on the panels.

Scratches – When cleaning the flex panels the sediment caught in the “cups” have the right to scrape the surchallenge of the panel (to be clear you’re not scratching the solar cells, just the coating that covers them).

Gouges – We go on some crazy roadways through low hanging branches once driving right into National Forests, BLM lands, Wineries, Farms and also even some nationwide or state parks. We’ve picked up a few small gouges in the panels from these low hanging branches over the past year. I am not certain if the gouges are deep enough to damage the solar cell or if they have just damaged the coating around the cells, to my untrained eye it appears to be just in the coating.

Non-Tilting – When we mounted our brand also brand-new functional solar panels we glued them dvery own so tbelow were no screws penetrating with the RV roof, the problem below is the solar panels can’t be tilted for maximum sunlight expocertain which is especially beneficial throughout the winter months once the sun is lower on the horizon.

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Warranty – At this time the warranty on our functional panels is 10 years which is perfectly fine by us because 1) we know we’re not going to have actually this RV for even more than 10 years and also 2) in 10 years I bet there will certainly be much better, even more efficient solar technology, so in concept I more than likely won’t desire to keep any solar panels for even more than 10 years. That shelp the 10 year warranty doesn’t come close to the conventional 30 year warranty on the tempered glass solar panels.


No screws – The much less holes in an RV roof the much better, I don’t think anyone will argue via that!

Lightweight – The flexible solar panels are a tiny fractivity of the weight of the more conventional tempered glass solar panel. Its crazy SCARY exactly how many kind of human being we see on the road that are maxed out (or WAY OVER) on their GCVWR. This is not a joke human being, you are placing yourself and also everyone else on the road in hazard by going over your RVs weight limits. Please for the safety and security of everyone consider your weight at all times and also before purchasing a solar setup. I’ll action dvery own off my podium now

Better Aerodynamics – I’m not gonna tell you that installing functional solar panels will carry out you through better fuel economy or a much better average MPG readout on your RV computer display…yet I have the right to tell you flat is more aerodynamic, and also better aerodynamics equates to better gas mileage! So read in between the lines?!? Naahhhhh, seriously though, these versatile panels are more aerodynamic.

Bendable and also Flexible – The biggest advantage to these solar flex panels has actually obtained to be the fact they deserve to bfinish and also flex! You simply spent $100 grand on a brand brand-new Airstream so why not pony up a small percent more for the versatile solar panels that hide on your roof vs. the tempered glass eye-sores that make your brand-new investment look choose somepoint you’d view in a Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie? Flexible panels should work great for vintage bus conversions, tiny teardrop trailers favor the TAB, Airstream trailers, UFO’s, etc…pretty much anything that has a curved roof.


Your Imagination is the Limit – Sounds corny right? It’s not! We observed one male tradition rig his flex panels as home window awnings on the “non-awning” side of his RV (I didn’t take a photo unfortunately). We met another man that created a removable shade framework over his electrical bike. My favorite application has actually got to be the “Lazy Susan Portable Panel Tracking Array” we witnessed at Burning Man. If you’re imaginative don’t simply be boring and put panels on your roof like civilization have actually done in years past; these flat, versatile and lightweight solar panels are the future, so think external package and make something cool through them (then sfinish me photos and also we deserve to develop a small service together to industry your ingenious creation; just kidding, I’d call the guys at that Shark Tank TV present if I were you).

You have the right to dance on them – Some haters out there have shelp they’d never dance on their panels…well, we were told by GoPower! to dance away and these flex panels deserve to take care of it. Granted we still wouldn’t recommend this for safety and security issues or the fact you might have actually a rock stuck in your shoe that have the right to damage the panels, however nonethemuch less we set up, we tested and also we danced!


Even with our solar panels as dirty and also beat up as they were during filming we were still able to bring in 26amps in the afternoon winter sunlight of central Florida. So the GIANT, burning question is: With cupping and also minor surchallenge scratches is there really any kind of noticeable destruction of solar power coming into the batteries? Unfortunately, I think the answer will certainly only come after a couple of even more years of testing.

Flexible panels are good if you need them! Tright here are tons of factors that might make functional solar panels the finest option for your RV or motorhome however these are the few BIG advantages that come to my mind: If you are concerned around weight or aerodynamic worries, if you have a rounded roof prefer a vintage bus or airstream, or you just desire to have actually the latest solar modern technology set up on your rig.

For installations choose ours, through a huge amount of level, unobstructed roof space and plenty of weight before we obtain close to the GCVWR, I’d recommfinish human being to stick via the tempered glass solar panels. Tempered glass panels are prrange technology via a longer warranty and also they’re about 25% much less expensive. In reality we are picking up our following RV this month and we’re planning to install a huge range of Tempered Glass solar panels instead of the flex panels (join our email list and stay tuned for that article).

Remember, these are just my opinions from our endure and also I am no experienced. What do you think? Are versatile solar panels much better for your RV? Share your thoughts in the comments listed below and let’s aid the solar manufacturers understand our wants and also requirements for future products!

2015 Update: We have an all brand-new enhanced solar set up. Click the switch to watch our a lot of recent upgrades: