Want to understand just how to control power and also make solar panels work-related for you? Want to run your base pucount on solar power?.. Well this, my friend, is the guide for you!

Solar Basic Requirements

Firstly, you will require a Solar Capacitor. This is will actually act as a consistent generator that kicks out 5MW, which is twice the output of a little generator (2.5MW) and will use fuel from fuel tanks as soon as the capacitor battery is empty. It"s worth including a fuel tank or two as a backup power resource and also utilizing this rather of the tiny generator for starter bases.

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It"s battery level is shown in the bottom ideal of the control panel.. The base will certainly constantly usage battery power first, then the fuel in the tanks.Next off you"ll need a solar panel or twenty! (that"s the maximum allowed on a base).

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Positioning of Panels

Positioning of panels is exceptionally crucial. They additionally must have actually direct line of sight to sunlight in order to be a lot of effective, so if any allude in the day a building casts a shadow on the panel the efficiency will drop.You have to place your panels dealing with the oppowebsite direction to the shadow course of your base, this will provide you the finest output. If your base is above or below the equator the performance will certainly be lower, and also environment and weather will also impact them.The indicator in the bottom left will show the in its entirety (maximum) effectiveness level. You have to play with tilt and also place until you get the best indication. 4 green blocks is maximum performance.The indicator on the bottom right shows the current performance of the panel.

Consumption vs Output

The indicator on the statistics page will display you the current output of your panels and also the average output that they create. It also shows the present usage of your base. If the average output (or current output) is much less than the "Consumption" of your base then your solar panels are not charging the battery -- they will slow the rate of fuel intake in your fuel tanks though.If you do not have actually fuel tanks as a backup you will certainly find that your battery never before charges to sustain the base power overnight and your base will certainly lose power once "Current Output" drops to zero once it gets dark.As a basic dominance, if you desire to sustain the base on solar power your consumption needs to be around a 3rd of the average output. (Probably more if the weather gets bad)

Running on Solar Only

If you want to run your base on solar power alone you will need to pay attention to the "Consumption" level of the base and manage the gadgets to keep it at a managable level.Tbelow are means to do that. You can add more panels (up to 20) in order to raise the output and generate even more power. As a guide, each panel have the right to create 50-60kW of power, so you deserve to produce approximately around 1MW of power. This means in order to make a base sustainable, you"re looking at a maximum of 300kW of usage.The best means to exploit solar energy is to erected gadget grouping in the control panel. Add non-crucial devices or those which use huge quantities of power to a "Generator Power" team.Next include a switch to power on/off the items which you want to usage generator power for. You deserve to then activate generator power once you require it and also run on low-power solar once you do not.In order to accomplish this you will certainly need to very closely select the items you take into consideration important and also add up the power intake worths.Some items are "Always On" -- these are items which have no on/off switch when you click them on the devices list and also they cannot be de-set off. This includes items such as Armor Lockers, Clone/Med Stations, Fuel Tanks and also the Core.Also - Note that Antenna Deco uses 20kW of power and also cannot be turned off!So in the example picture above the solar items add up to 32kW:Turret - 5kWTurret - 5kWFuel Tank - 1kWVentilator - 20kWLight - 1kWHowever, the base also has these "always on" items that add extra power:Core - 5kWMed Station - 10kWClone Chamber - 10kWArmor Locker - 5kW2 x Fuel Tank - 2kWThis means the minimum usage on Solar Power would be 64kW

Power Requirement Table

Almethods On
Armor Locker = 5kWClone / Med Chamber = 5kWFuel Tanks = 1kWO2 Tanks = 5kWAntenna Deco = 20kWAmmo Box = 1kWCargo Box = 1kWConsoles (Deco) = 1kWO2 Station = 20kWFridge = 5kWOffline Protection = 1kWSwitchable (On/Off)Core = 5kW (But will certainly power off everything)Turrets = 5kWGrow Lights = 5kWLights = 1kWRepair Bay = 25MWRepair Station = 150kWVentilator = 20kWGravity Generator = 100kWFurnace = 600kWLarge Constructor = 250kWAdv. Constructor = 300kW
Written by Rustimus.
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