KOSID opposes the introduction of Trepca into the Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue

Kosovar Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID), after several articles published in the national media that Trepca would be one of the next topics of discussion in Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue, would like to warn the Government of Kosovo and political parties that issues related to Trepca’s status, ownership and its future should not be involved in any way in the Dialogue with Serbia.

KOSID, therefore, considers that the introduction of Trepca into the Dialogue with Serbia would seriously endanger the future of this enterprise, would be a direct interference in the internal affairs of Kosovo, and consequently hinder Kosovo to utilize its national assets in order to further the economic developement in a versatile level. Kosovo is now an independent and sovereign state, thus, the ownership and management of its assets solely belong to Kosovo.

KOSID considers that Trepca is a national asset of Kosovo, with an economic power to lead to its economic development, therefore, we believe that Trepca and its future can not become an issue on which Serbia should have a role.

KOSID also believes that the eventual introduction of Trepca’s complex into the Dialogue with Serbia is contrary to the sovereign right of Kosovo to lead its national assests in all its territory, adding also that the eventual introduction of Trepca in the Dialogue with Serbia would be a very dangerous precedent for any other social and pubic enterprise of the state.

In regards to this, KOSID clearly expresses that Trepca should find a revitalized solution in line with the laws of Kosovo, and Serbia should not be allowed to have an influence in its revitalization process.

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