KOSID holds its fourth annual workshop

Kosovar Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) holds its  fourth annual workshop on:

“Sustainable Energy Options for Kosovo”

 This purpose of this workshop is to open the debate between KOSID’s organizations and representatives of state institutions, specifically the Assembly, Government, ERO, KEK and international institutions present in Kosovo, in regards to developments of the energy sector.

Strategic issues such as quality and vision of Kosovo’s Energy Strategy, the status of the “Kosova e Re” project, in relation to the obligations of Kosovo to the Energy Community Treaty, electricity tariffs, and the chaos that triggers the implementation of these policies in the environment and health of the populati on, will be the focus of the debate.

This workshop serves as an important point to emphasize common cohesive positions of KOSID’s members, about the future of the energy system in Kosovo, based on scientific and political research, which show that the strategic orientation of Kosovo to only generate energy from coal is volatile and therefore stresses the importance of diversification of energy sources, in order for Kosovo to reach European Union standards and strengthen energy security in the country.

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