The level of air pollution in Pristina dangerous to the health of citizens

Prishtina, November 23, 2016 – Air quality in Kosovo is identified to be far from global criteria and to surpass all allowed standards. That the level of air pollution in the country is at an alarming value, was confirmed by the recent monitoring of the United States Agency for Environmental Protection through "Air Quality Index".

According to this index, Kosovo, respectively Prishtina, is classified in the third category of air pollution, specifically in parameters 151 to 200, with the value 157 of PM2.5, which represents the air quality as unhealthy, where as a category explanation it quotes: "everyone may begin to experience adverse health effects, and members of sensitive groups may experience more serious effects." [1]

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The aforementioned values of air pollution in Pristina clearly present the continued degradation of air quality, as a result of its proximity to power plants which are highly polluting the environment, greater circulation of vehicles in the traffic, higher operation of the industry. All these factors directly impact on air pollution, which continues to remain one of the main concerns of the residents of the capital city and beyond.

But on the other hand, according to statements made by the officials of the state’s environmental institutions it is said that Kosovo's air pollution is within normal rates, laws and directives. [2] By providing official data of air measuring for the first three months of this year, it is said that the air quality in Pristina is at the allowed rates - but in fact this is inconsistent with the findings and international analysis for the pollution measurements in the capital.

KOSID expresses its concern over the current situation, as the quality of air in Kosovo remains a threat to the public health of citizens. Also, it is alarming the fact that about 800 premature deaths are recorded during the year in Kosovo as a result of polluted air. Health should be protected by all public institutions, so it is of most importance to take the necessary measures to improve the environmental situation, respect the air quality norms, and increase control over activities that adversely affect the environment.

KOSID, in the course of its projects, always prioritizes public health by reacting to the developments of activities with negative effects on the environment, and in this case it values that all necessary actions should be taken to improve the current situation in order to not endanger the health of the population in general.




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