KOSID with Murat in the fight against corruption

Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) supports the citizen and civil servant, Mr. Murat Mehmeti, in his fair fight against corruption. On “Life in Kosovo (Jeta ne Kosove) show, we all heard the confession of Mr. Mehmeti and his efforts in fighting corruption within the Tax Administration of Kosovo. Through this reaction, we express our solidarity with him and with every other person standing against corruption!

We as civil society organizations have been and continue to be concerned with the level of corruption in Kosovo. To successfully combat this phenomenon, we are convinced that we need people within the system who are willing to put public’s interest before the personal. Murat Mehmeti is one of the people who they did not manage to discourage, stop, nor silence. His voice needs to be heard, forwarded and protected!

The fight against corruption reveals the most concrete achievement of the mission of civil servants, non-governmental organizations and society in general. Murat Mehmeti is defending the first principle described in the Law on Civil Service of the Republic of Kosovo, that of the protection of legality. For this reason, we call upon the rule of law institutions to treat this “tens of millions” affair with priority, to put their most capable prosecutors on charge for this fight and to handle the case until the end.

In two episodes of the "Life in Kosovo" show, Organized Tax Theft TAK 1, Organized Tax Theft 2, it is clearly shown how the state has failed to support its employee in fighting corruption; and how corruption does not choose victims and how costly is the fight against it. However, today we stand with Murat and everyone else who engages for the public good, for a state where the legitimacy efforts are rewarded, where the private is protected by the state, and the public from all.

KOSID calls on law enforcement bodies to do all they can to protect Murat Mehmeti and put justice in place for the corruption affair in TAK. Following this case to the end means the commitment to realize one of the aspirations of the first page within the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, that for the creation of “a state of equal citizens, which will guarantee the rights of every citizen, civil liberties and the equality of all citizens before the law." On this path, each of us who finds the courage to speak deserves to have everyone to provide support and defense!

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