KOSID, on 22 February 2017, has pressed legal charges against the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) in the Basic Court of Prishtina, for the denial of access to official documents regarding details of the proposed power plant "New Kosovo".

KOSID has requested from MED access to the following documents for PP “New Kosovo”, for which it has received negative answers:

- The call for applications which was sent to prequalified companies for the construction of TC "New Kosovo"

- Changes in the tendering package that were done from the first call for pre-qualification until now, and the reasons for such changes

KOSID has reacted to the denial of access to public documents, since pursuant to Article 4 and 6 of the Law on Access to Public Documents (Law No. 03/L-215), it is stated that public documents are open for the public under a direct request and that any document seeker has the right of access to documents of public institutions.

Therefore, KOSID requests from the Court to issue a judgment by which it compels MED to allow access to the documents presented above. Above all, it should be noted that the procedures for the construction of PP “New Kosovo” are nearing its completion, while the general public knows nothing about this process.

Such processes and those similar to this, the citizen for whom these projects are being made, has been left deprived of information, thus causing for all citizens to be uninformed about the project conditions laid down by the Government, but also about the amount of the project cost.

Given the importance of this process for Kosovo, for every citizen, but especially the multi-million cost for the construction of the plant, MED’s non-transparency in this regard is totally unacceptable!