I"ve acquired an 8-year-old FAFCO solar panel (pool) installation through a leaking tube (or two, or three).

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Anyone had actually any luck repairing these themselves? Any tips to share?



When the tubes leak, all you have the right to execute is plug the offfinishing tube through a stainless screw close to the pipe ends. I have actually yet to discover a glue that would host an over sized item of tubing fitted as a coupling to cover the hole.



Thanks Scott. I"ve run throughout a repair plug kit on the internet - looks interesting, but doesn"t usage any adhesives. It appears that the plugs just press fit right into the tubes at the header. Kind of expensive though, a stainless screw sounds like an economical way to go.



I have Falco panels as well and also have plugged a variety of holes via epoxy. It functions fine and also I have actually some patches that have actually been on it for years.


kiethw what type of epoxy are you using to plug the holes? I"m in phoenix and also the summer warm is wicked on my bad solar system. We have plugged a lot of leaks, but hate that you shed that tube for heating/summer cooling.

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Just traditional 2 part epoxy from a box shop. They are $5.00ish a tube. Mix a little batch and also smooth it over the hole. If it is leaking from both sides, execute the top and bottom. Works choose a champ. I have at least 5-8 of them on my 3 panels.

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I offered the 2 part Plastic epoxy from ACE and also it functioned. Dealer wanted $125 to come out and resolve.

It was a small messy. So do not attempt and also be pretty via it. Use it all and also do good coverage.

Best of luck and also give thanks to you all.

Following up my original write-up. I tried the epoxy method initially, yet that failed after a couple of weeks.

I lastly just bought the "Fafco clone repair kit" from Solar Direct http://shop.solardirect.com/product_information.php?products_id=139

Took me 10 minutes to plug the height and bottom of 3 tubes. Worked prefer a charm!

The Solar Direct webwebsite looks pretty dubious, however the kit was ceded fast and also worked excellent. I additionally spoke to them on the phone and they were friendly and useful. The website summary implies that it just functions on smaller sized Fafco panels, yet it did job-related fine on my larger, roof-installed panels (14" long) with the 2.5" header tubes. I perform recommend respecting the "2-inch from header" dimension on the instructions - that method you have actually a possibility of actually acquiring two plugs into the tube ago to earlier if necessary. If you acquire too cshed you"ll only have area for 1 plug.

Though even more expensive, this looks favor the ideal irreversible repair method, however you have actually exceptionally little to lose by trying the epoxy trick initially.