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Please view email sent to this kosid.org for the description of the problem period this box might not contain the entire summary of the difficulty period give thanks to you.FAFCO charged me for the replacement solar panels, and also the installer charged me labor to evaluate and install the solar panel. I need to be refunded all of these charges as I have a 12 year warranty, that FAFCO is not honoring.

Hello Christian, we apologize for any kind of inconveniencethe leaks in your panels might have actually resulted in you. FAFCO, Inc. has actually been in businessconsidering that 1969 and one of our mantra"s is always to carry out the ideal thing and that iswhat we strive to perform by honoring our warranty. We did not charge you for the expense of your replacement panels as we established they were under warranty. We havealso attached a copy of your warranty policy in which it claims “Thisrestricted warranty does not includelabor expenses, the expenses of shipping orany other connected expenses resulting from the lack of operation ofthe Collector, the prices of which are the soleobligation of the Buyer”. We apologize if a member from Advantage Solar didnot plainly outline this information to you. We presently perform notsubscribe to kosid.org and are even more than happy to help you via this situationoffline. Please email us at service
fafco.com and also we will certainly help you solve thisinstance additionally.
Complaint Type: Problems through Product/Service
Status: Unanswered

Because the initial installation of our pool solar panels we have actually had actually in access of over 10 repairs done to our solar panels. The last time that we had repairs done they told us that the panels were no longer under warranty even though they carry a 15 year warranty. And as such we were not able to usage the solar device to warmth our pool.I tried to call the last 2 authorized company centers that worked on my system just to discover out that they were no much longer in company do to negative workmanship. Finally I found ******** *****which came out this particular day simply to tell me that the panels are not going be covered under warranty because the last repairs were done improperly and also to add insult to injury I was requested to pay a expedition charge.I the customer should not be penalized bereason of what another authorized dealer did.Also it must not be me to call FAFCO to fight for what is appropriate yet ******** *****must have actually taken treatment of their customer (******** ***** and FACO).
Complaint Type: Guarantee/Warranty Issues
Status: Unanswered

Complaint Type: Problems via Product/Service
Status: Unanswered

Complaint Type: Guarantee/Warranty Issues
Status: Resolved

On July 24, 2020, I emailed FAFCO
fafco.com informing the company that I have actually a 4"x12" Rdevelopment pool solar water panel that has actually sprung a leak. I dubbed their automated voice message to achieve their email resolve and also to advise them of my issue. The panel is 8 years old and was set up by SUNWORKS of Jacksonville, FL on March 23, 2012. SUNWORKS is no much longer in business; however FAFCO has actually a 12 year warranty. I requested they advise me of their resolution. (Because this email was sent, an additional panel is leaking). After I sent the email, I called FAFCO 3 even more times and left a messeras on their automated machine. They have not responded. Due to the fact that my panels are still under warranty I intend them to call me about replacement of the 2 leaking panels.

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To Whom It May Concern,

We have actually spoken to the customer and also accepted his proposal to ship him 2 (2) panels that he would certainly install himself. On September 10th he got those two 2 panels via UPS. The UPS tracking number is as adheres to UPS Tracking #: ******************. Based on the original complaint and also the customer stated resolution, I would ask that you cshed this case without injury or consequence to the FAFCO kosid.org reviews. Please let me know if you have any type of added inquiries or involves.

With sunny regards,Phil Del NegroVice President of Sales & Marketing at FAFCO, Inc.P: (800)994-7652 ext. 127W:www.fafco.com

E: reputation

Customer Response

Better Firm Bureau:I have reregarded the response made by the company in referral to my concern, and also find that this resolution is satismanufacturing facility to me.

I am extremely pleased through the agency response time and also the ultimate resolution of the problem. Thanks to all of you.

Complaint Type: Problems through Product/Service
Status: Answered

Purchased product in April this year , had it up for 11/2 months and it sprung a leak currently. Product expect to have 10 year warranty. Have tried contacting firm with no results

To Whom It May Concern,

It was identified after mindful examicountry of the circumstances at hand also, that imappropriate installation led to the failure of the product and also not defects in product or workmanship as proclaimed in our composed warranty. That being sassist, we determined to send a brand-new product out to the customer as a gesture of goodwill via instructions to follow appropriate installation methods through the new mechanism. Below is a summary of the action:

To:**** ********Cc:FAFCO Customer Care;**** ********,It shipped out yesterday via tracking #:******************When I created the order I let ***** know and shelp that we are having a brand-new system sent out to her. She sassist give thanks to you for the replacement.***** ******

Based on the original complaint and our generous response, I would ask that you cshed this instance without injury or consequence to the FAFCO kosid.org reviews.

Please let me know if you have actually added inquiries or involves.

With sunny regards,**** Del NegroVice President of Sales & Marketing at FAFCO, Inc.P: (800)994-7652 ext. 127W:www.fafco.com