Fiber optic solar lighting garden

Changing Colors to Brighten the Nighttime Garden

While this solar-powered outdoor lamp stays lit for hours, and also does change shade, the fiber optic strands have actually not organized up well in the garden. This light is somepoint that would certainly most likely do better wright here it is defended from the aspects, garden debris, pets, … Of course, that would certainly defeat the purpose of having an outdoor light.

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When I experienced this outdoor light, my initially reaction was “Hmmm, looks acquainted.” It reminded me of a similar lamp that my parents had in the ’70’s. We provided to revolve it on in the evenings and watch the colors adjust while my parental fees drank wine and my sister and also I danced approximately to the massive band music of James Last documents.

But this is a various time – and a various light.

It’s not a style that would occupational in eincredibly garden, and also it won’t be to everyone’s taste, however let’s put personal choice aside for the moment…


The fiber optic strands clump together when wet

Does Not Hold Its Shape

When we initially put the fiber optic lamp outside, it looked specifically favor the photos on the packaging. Two days later, after some light rain, the fiber optic strands flattened practically to the ground. After a day in the sun, they reacquired their previous form, however that was the last time. With even more rain, the fibers started to become permanently flattened.

Over time, as garden debris, sand, seeds, and various other tiny objects fell onto the fiber optic strands, they settled right into the facility of the lamp and also now prevent the strands from doing anything other than sticking out sidemeans. We tried to rerelocate the debris by shaking the lamp upside down, to no avail. We tried picking out debris via tweezers. That didn’t occupational either. We then tried to comb it out, however that was a faiattract as well. In the end, it seems that tbelow is no way to rerelocate debris from in between the strands and also the lamp will certainly never before regain its original shape.

In addition, the fiber optic strands are quickly bent or kinked. They execute not straighten back out aacquire. Your alternatives are to cut off the bent strands or live with it. It’s best not to let pets or children touch it, and also save the lamp amethod from plants that might bend the strands.

Stays Bright for Hours

The lamp is totally solar powered (no cords to plug in!) so we charged for full 8 hrs in straight sunlight prior to initially use. Over the course of a number of days, the battery became fully charged and the lamp ongoing to shine at night even after a few days of cloudy weather or rain. Be certain to area it in an area that gets at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day.

We discovered that it stayed brightly lit at night for at least six hours. The light is quite bappropriate and have the right to be viewed from a distance.

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Don’t foracquire to revolve the lamp on! Although it is totally solar powered, it has an on off switch that need to be in the “On” place.


In time, the strands flatten out and also the lamp does not reget its original shape

Changes Color

The colors change few secs and also rotate via red, green, blue, and also purple. On this front at leastern, the lamp resides up to its marketing.

Easy Assembly

The lamp is straightforward to assemble. The fiber optic strands are tightly organized together at one finish via a round, black clamp. Simply click it right into the lamp base.

The stake comes in two parts; affix the pointed finish into the hollow stake. The point renders it simple to push the stake right into the ground. Be certain to push it right down right into loosened soil; don’t use a hammer (yes, people have done that).


We give this solar-powered, fiber optic lamp one shovel. While it does work-related well as a solar lamp, and does cycle with the different colors, it simply will certainly not hold its shape and, over time, starts to look prefer a mess of white strands. For this reason, we would not recommend this product.

Where to Buy It

The Four Seasons solar fiber optic lamp is easily accessible exclusively from True Value hardware stores.

Disclaimer: We obtained a cost-free fiber optic lamp to testimonial. Tright here was no expectation that this would certainly be a positive testimonial and no compensation for creating the testimonial.