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Ok, so I have actually not played RD in 3 to 4 years. Lost the game, and also I"m as well damaged to buy a supplied copy. So, I can"t test this kinda point out for myself. I was constantly under the impression that Haar was the ideal unit in the Game. But now civilization tell me it is jill. So, if I might get some clarification on why jill is so great for the dawn brigade"s chapters, that"d be great. Flying energy is great, and also I obtain she has good levels and beginning bases for her level. But is that really all it takes to be excellent in a sea of lesser units?

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Posted September 16, 2017

She"s great.... But requires a TON of investment. And as soon as I say a ton, I expect, she"s component of the Dawn Brigade, they all require a ton of investment!


A lot of the factors world choose Haar is bereason he does not need any investment, by the moment you get him, he"s currently a good unit. He"s currently got some great strength, solid defense. And he is in the majority of the game thanks to him being a part of Elincia"s campaign and Ike"s. Jill is... again... component of the Dawn Brigade, the most underoccurred group in the entire series.

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The best trouble through Jill in Radiant Dawn is that not most time is devoted to leveling her up, because of that, players are turned off from her. Which is perfectly understandable. Hell, if she wasn"t my favorite character in Path, I wouldn"t even use her. Due to the fact that the Dawn Brigade overall does not gain the majority of devotion to them, players usually only pick one or 2 to level up and also hope that gets them via the tougher chapters, leaving various other personalities favor Jill to lag behind.

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However before, if you can dedicate enough time to Jill, I find it to be a solid investment. Her rate is slightly over average, her damage output, while not as great as Haar"s, is still commendable. She"s sensibly tanky and also because Jill has normally high resistance than Haar, she"s a far better option for the final area of the game. Sadly, the amount of time you have to invest make it simple to overlook her. And again, I get where they are coming from as soon as civilization say they don"t prefer Jill bereason of that investment that need to put into her to make her good. 


The reason why Jill is so good compared to the rest of the Dawn Brigade is bereason... many of the Dawn Brigade is not that excellent. Okay, they might most likely have been excellent if offered more time to build, yet here"s the thing, none of them get much advancement. Nolan is most likely the only one that stands out to be besides Jill and Jill has the exceptional mobility, being a flying unit. Many of the Dawn Brigade is conveniently replaceable bereason of various other characters you get that you spfinish even more time through. Jill just has actually Haar. So, it"s a toss up of what your team demands. If you must be even more aggressive, yet slower, pick Haar. If you want a greater resistance and quicker unit, yet doesn"t perform as much damages, Jill"s your girl.


Like all teams, it really depends on the team around them. At least, that"s my opinion. I think the reason I have Jill over Haar is because I am supplied to having actually a team of bruiser, beefy personalities. Jill deserve to carry out excellent energy and a decent amount of damages and also tankiness. Jill just fits the team even more than Haar does because she simply has more to offer my team because of her particular ability collection and also my team develop.