Cruz thanked Beck after winning Iowa, but for all the right-wing media firebrand’s ‘mad genius,’ his agency has become an abyss of backbiting and also paranoia.

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Glenn Beck is becollection by apocalyptic visions, sinister conspiracy theories, mind-blowing prophecies, mysterious illnesses, miraculous cures, and, yes, copious waterworks.

But of every one of the hobgoblins fluttering via his mind, consistency isn’t among them.

Beck consistently contradicts himself in word and deed—a trait that his less charitable associates speak to hypocrisy.

For circumstances, mere months after announcing, with frequently messianic zeal, that he was heartily sick of politics and also leaving the Republideserve to Party, he spent the previous two weekends barnstorming Iowa via Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner of Monday night’s GOP caucsupplies, and also trading insults through also-ran Donald Trump, that calls Beck “a whack task.”

In his victory speech, Cruz thanked Beck specifically: “I am so grateful to national leaders, world choose Dr. James Dobchild, and Tony Perkins, and also Phil Robertkid, and also Governor Rick Perry, and also Glenn Beck—leaders who have stood and led, bringing together conservatives below in Iowa and across the nation.”

Beck commemorated the victory on his Facebook page—“It is a good night for the constitution America and Ted Cruz. We re one step closer to restoring our principles”—and also promised not to gloat around Trump falling brief. “One of those ethics is to never before revel in another man’s defeat.”

Indulging a weakness for grandiosity, the radio, tv, and also Internet firebrand also has been broadcasting the simulactors of his popular Glenn Beck Radio Program this week from a full-range mockup of the presidential sanctum, because, as he explained, “considering that we’re going for the a lot of effective job in the world, the area to cover that election might be from the Oval Office.”

Colleagues and also underlings interperceived by The Daily Beast—on problem of anonymity out of are afraid of retribution—explain Beck’s irresistible individual magnetism and undeniable brilliance that one referred to as “mad genius,” combined with a colossal streak of narcissism, neediness and, over all, capriciousness that have left them feeling whipsawed and, in many type of cases, betrayed.

Beck, who turns 52 next week, was not available for an intersee.

Attracted by the idealism of The Blaze, Beck’s six-year-old multimedia venture—whose heartwarming motto is “We tell the stories of love and courage where the excellent guys win”—they instead tell stories of a sad and also baffling descent from a friendly, positive workplace culture (“choose a family members,” says one) right into an abyss of backbiting and also paranoia as a agency of practically 300 human being contracted to around half that dimension.

What happened?

Former Blaze employees allude to the abrupt departures a year earlier of longtime Beck confidants Chris Balfe and Joel Cheathardwood, who are commonly attributed via making his success possible.

Then tright here was the sudden appearance in the fevery one of 2014—from Israel, via Miami—of a slightly-built, bald-pated Beck “superfan” who spouted the slick jargon of Silsymbol Valley, chain-smoked a vaporous e-cigarette (holding it in his right hand that is missing two-and-half fingers, the outcome of a childhood accident via a meat grinder), and also somehow netfunctioned himself into Beck’s inner circle.

Beck reportedly came to be infatuated via Jonathan Schreiber, who has been on a regular basis spotted in Beck’s expansive, glass-walled office, sometimes entangled in a hug through the boss, and whose Orthodox Judaism reportedly meshes well via Beck’s ardent religiosity as a Mormon transform.

Last April, Schreiber was called president of Beck’s privately held umbrella agency, Mercury Radio Arts—of which The Blaze is a subsidiary, along with a varied collection of enterprises including a publishing imprint at Simon & Schuster, a garments line, a movie studio, and also a overview to dependable actual estate agents.

Schreiber, a aboriginal of Florida who graduated through a marketing level from Yeshiva University, is a 41-year-old tech entrepreneur whose arrival synchronized through the leave of virtually everyone that had actually steered Beck’s career and also constructed him right into a nationwide brand also and wildly effective radio personality. (None of the dozen resources contacted for this write-up straight blamed Schreiber for the departures, however they found the timing rather curious.)

Beck’s syndicated morning show is the nation’s third-highest-rated, after Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s—and also, like The Blaze, sells heralding for a variety of products designed to ease your means through the End Times (gold bullion, fireproof safes, identification theft defense, weapons, freeze-dried food, and also a “couch cruncher” to serve up washboard abs while you watch disturbing TV news reporting the downloss and also devastation of whatever excellent and decent).

Employees eventually offered Schreiber the nickname “Voldemort,” after the Harry Potter villain—a moniker that reportedly hasn’t got to Schreiber’s ears till now.

Schreiber’s LinkedIn profile does seem to invest him via wizardly powers: “I connect things: ideas, people, concepts, ecounits, anything and every little thing. I read a lot (a lot), I think a lot (not as much), I choose people, I understand people. I don’t just understand also world a small little bit, I check out people for that they are not who they insurance claim to be.

“Sometimes I watch human being for even more than they think they are, sometimes much less. As such I affix with people—quickly. I view the white between the text of what I read, or what someone says, or what someone wants.”

Yet a present Blaze employee shelp recently: “It’s so toxic and fractured that everybody has eyes in the ago of their head. You don’t recognize who’s around to stab you in the ago. So the best point to carry out is present up, get your occupational done, and also acquire out.”


Beck’s penchant for flip-floppery has been particularly conspicuous at The Blaze, a phelp subscription and ad-sustained digital television and also news aggregation enterprise that he released in late August 2010, while still hosting a extremely rated afternoon display on the Fox News Channel.

Beck at the time was riding high, having actually just made the cover of Forbes, which at one point approximated his corpoprice revenue at $90 million.

Right prior to The Blaze’s soft launch, Beck had actually organized a “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial, the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, that drew a crowd of as many type of as a half-million fans.

By September 2012, as soon as The Blaze signed a deal with The Dish Netjob-related for its programing to be brought on cable and satellite tv, The New York Times reported that it boasted 300,000 paid digital subscribers—an unverifiable figure that insiders say has plummeted to roughly fifty percent that as The Blaze ended up being accessible in 13 million cable family members.

Yet the death of The Blaze—a once-promising and also allegedly profitable venture—has actually increasingly been predicted by media observers.

It was also foretold by Beck himself, at a minute last year when the privately organized firm declared to be making money.

“We’ve got to course-change, and also if we don’t, we’re either going to go out of business or we’re going to be a crappy, soul-sucking business,” a frantic Beck, looking pudgy and tired in distressed jeans and a pumpkin-colored cardigan, warned Blaze employees during an in-residence session last February at the company’s New York studios—a video of which was derived by The Daily Beast.

“You’ve viewed this firm start to slide right into that crappy zone. No! I’ll shut the damn thing down prior to we come to be everything we despise.”

The majority owner harangued his minions: “We are three million dollars in the hole! That suggests we are three million dollars from profit. That means I need to take three million dollars out of my wallet, and also I have actually done this now for a number of years. I don’t have money left. I’m out... I need three million dollars by the finish of the year. If we wait, it’s gonna be enormous, bloody cuts.”

Massive, bloody cuts shortly adhered to, as the debt ballooned to at leastern $5 million and also as much as $10 million, according to current and also former Blaze employees.

On May 11, 2015—a day Beck staffers have actually referred to as “Black Monday”—dozens were lassist off in New York and also the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas. Tbelow, Beck had actually purchased a 72,000-square-foot studio complicated and also corpoprice headquarters in the Las Colinas community, and also developed his fake Oval Office.

The fired employees (one of whom, a huge, bluff Irishman that managed the lighting for the New York studios, broke dvery own sobbing at the news) received their alert not from Beck, that had personally recruited many type of of them, yet in antiseptic phone calls from the corporate HR department.

Beck, meanwhile, proved up at Las Colinas driving his brand brand-new Maybach, proudly showing off the nearly-$200,000 sleek black sedan that he’d simply purchased to add to his fleet of high-end vehicles, including an armored, bulletproof Mercedes limo and a similarly outfitted Chevy Subcity.

Beck, whose net worth Forbes puts at more than a $100 million, was crying poormouth, yet he had likewise purchased—with Mercury Radio Arts, named for the manufacturing firm of Beck’s hero, Orson Welles—the opulently appointed DC-9 that had actually been owned by his late friend, right-wing billionaire Ricdifficult Mellon Scaife.

The vintage jetliner expense around a million dollars, as a result of its excellent age, yet is ruinously expensive to preserve, operate, and also fuel, according to Blaze insiders, and compelled the hiring of two pilots at tens of thousands of dollars per month—a corporate price to be added to the approximated million dollars a year for Beck’s personal protection force.

Beck promptly ordered his personal jetliner repainted with the logo design of his 1791 clothes line—a crvery own floating over a skull-and-crossbones ornamenting the tail.

“I was really disgusted by it,” among the ex-employees told The Daily Beastern.

Two other Dallas-based employees—among whom managed to uncover a project at one more media firm prior to the ax might fall—recalls a dispiriting meeting via Beck and his producers in the time of this dark duration in late April.

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The producers, that were on The Blaze’s payroll for Beck’s hour-lengthy television routine that airs everyday at 5 p.m., asked to see Beck in his office without Schreiber being existing, and also Beck reluctantly granted them an audience, according to these witnesses.

“OK, what is it?” Beck asked impatiently.

One of the producers piped up: “When I obtained here, this was a family firm, yet currently it has come to be just like any type of other company that’s ruthmuch less, that have the right to eliminate civilization at the drop of a hat. I feel prefer there’s nopoint to proccasion me from going to work-related at any other company where I have the right to punch a time clock, and go house.”

Beck looked hurt and surprised.

“I’m really sorry you say that,” he sassist, “bereason I’ve never before felt closer to my staff than I execute now”—an assertion that struck many in the room as coming from a Bizarro-World different fact.

Beck had preached “transparency” and also boasted of an open-door policy, but in the months considering that late 2014, he had actually end up being significantly far-off and also unapproachable.

Beck added, among the witnesses recalls, that “The Blaze was sucking him dry, and also he’s been capital it and also throwing money into an empty pit, and also he wasn’t going to perform it anymore. He wasn’t going to store propping it up. And he was going to phase out the New York office.”

This last vow from Beck carries a details irony; via Beck’s approval and also active participation, The Blaze signed a 10-year lease on a 35,000-square-foot room on Manhattan’s Bryant Park, previously lived in by Yahoo. At approximately $2 million a year in rent, it stood for a 50 percent savings from the previous setup in which television studios and also corporate offices were located in sepaprice facilities. Now the company is desperately seeking a tenant to take over the Bryant Park space.

Last summer, say former Beck staffers, Amerideserve to Expush all of a sudden declined charges on corpoprice credit cards for the booking of airline tickets and also hotel rooms for guests on Blaze programs.

Several employees—like Beck confidant Kraig Kitchin, the co-founder of Premiere Radio Netfunctions who was The Blaze’s interim CEO till he resigned last week—were compelled to charge organization costs on their personal credit cards.

One former employee told The Daily Beastern that he’s still waiting for a $200 reimbursement for an cost that he claimed 6 months ago.

“I recognize much of what has taken place considering that December of 2014, yet likewise a lot of it has been structural and also behind the curtain,” Beck created in an e-mail last week on the occasion of Kitchin’s resigcountry as chief executive of The Blaze.

“We were a firm that was swimming in debt. With the difficult occupational of Kraig, Jonathan , and also now Misty we will be debt totally free by summer. This is miraculous and takes all of the downward pressure off of us.”

Yet some of the signs for the company are hardly reassuring. In November 2014, for circumstances, TheBlaze.com was attracting 29 million unique tourists per month, according to numbers from the Internet website traffic meacertain company Quantcast. But by November 2015, monthly web traffic for the TheBlaze.com had actually dropped to 16.4 million distinctive visitors, and traffic for the associated website GlennBeck.com had plunged from 4.4 million to 1.4 million uniques.

Many of the pinked-slipped staffers, drawn by Beck’s charisma and ambitious plans for original tv, feature movies, and also even a theme park—complying with the organization version of Beck’s various other hero, Walt Disney—had left secure tasks at CNN, Fox News, and elsewhere, and some had uprooted family members in remote cities, to join what appeared an exciting, motivating adventure.

Seventeenager months prior to Babsence Monday, during a tvery own hall in a leased auditorium at The New York Times occasion room, Beck had dazzled his troops in a meeting that numerous witnesses say had the fervor of a tent resurgence.

Beck announced onphase that he’d give $5,000, then and tbelow, to anyone that wasn’t on board. Tbelow were no takers, numerous attendees recalled, although one witness told The Daily Beastern that an unidentified young intern might have tried to collect.

Beck had actually currently thrown a lavish Christmas party for the staff of Mercury Radio Arts and also The Blaze at his suburban Dallas estate, complete with catering and an open up bar under a substantial backyard tent. (As a Mormon teetotaler and respanning alcoholic, Beck continued to be away from the booze.)

“We all had actually a great time,” recalls one attendee, “and Glenn talked to me and a pair of colleagues, and shelp, ‘You men are the true visionaries of the firm that are going to assist construct it.’ He made you believe that you were really onto something.”

This perboy, favor many type of others, had left behind a wife and kids in another city to work at Las Colinas. “I was ameans from my household, however the sense of family and also the sense of area we had within the agency made me look forward to going to work via people I taken into consideration a 2nd household,” he says. “It was an extremely great feeling, a good atmosphere to be in.”

On leaving Beck’s Christmas party, everyone received a gift bag containing, among other points, one of their host’s favorite publications, How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Eextremely Day of Your Life.

“I read it cover to cover,” says the previous employee, “and also I remember reasoning, ‘Wow. We’re at the start of somepoint fantastic, who knows wright here it was headed? And Glenn was a visionary. Glenn was a thinker. Glenn was Walt Disney!’”


Beck—for all his passionate intensity and Pied Piper charm—turned out to be hardly at all prefer Walt.

In November 2014, as Jonathan Schreiber was settling in at Las Colinas, a tearful Beck announced to his fans that he had recently been cured of a mysterious brain condition that “quite honestly has actually made me look crazy.”

“It has actually baffled some of the best doctors in the people, it has frightened me and also my family as we didn’t understand what was happening,” Beck told viewers on The Blaze, adding that he had been enduring from the malady in 2009 when he infamously claimed, during an appearance on Fox & Friends, that President Obama is a racist via “deep-seated hatred of white world.”

Beck asserted he’d been cured by miscellaneous unorthodox therapies that contained hormones, physical therapy, and being spun around and also approximately while strapped to a giant gyroscope.

“We didn’t recognize at the moment what was bring about me to feel as though, out of nowright here, my hands or feet or arms and also legs would feel like someone had simply crumelted them or set them on fire or pumelted damaged glass into my foot,” Beck confided. “I can’t tell you exactly how many type of nights my wife would certainly sit in the light looking to the bottom of my feet to make sure tbelow really wasn’t any type of glass in them.”

The complying with month, Beck’s height New York-based executive, Chris Balfe, who was president of Mercury Radio Arts and also CEO of The Blaze and also had actually been at his side for 15 years, made among his regular visits to Las Colinas.

Beck summoned Balfe to his office and also essentially fired him. The 2 had apparently disagreed on Beck’s insistence that he would discard his core identification as a political commentator, and also emphasis on way of life concerns.

According to multiple sources, once a stunned Balfe retreated to an office for visiting executives to absorb what had actually simply happened, Beck’s individual assistant told him: “I’m going to need that seat when you’re done via it”—reportedly for Schreiber.

Joel Cheathardwood, The Blaze’s chief content officer that midwifed Beck’s television career at HLN and also then Fox News, quickly followed Balfe out the door, along with Carolyn Polke, The Blaze’s president, and also Chris’s brvarious other Kevin Balfe, that had actually been overseeing Mercury Radio Arts’s publishing arm; they are currently all together at media, branding, and technology startup called Red Seat Ventures. Beck’s longtime agent, George Hiltzik, likewise departed.

Schreiber, meanwhile, seems to have actually consolidated his power over Beck’s much less than magical kingdom.

He welcomed his longtime friend from the tech people, Stewart Padveen, to take over as The Blaze’s fourth CEO since Balfe’s defenestration.

A dozen Blaze veterans interviewed by The Daily Beastern explained Schreiber as someone that provides many type of employees uncomfortable. It’s not simply that he supplies the James Altucher expression, “Let’s have concept sex,” as a term interpretation a brainstorming session.

Or that, on Schreiber’s appointment to the height task at Mercury Radio Arts last April, he jokingly stood in front of a projected photo of the Presidential Seal while “Hail to the Chief” blared over the sound mechanism. (Most employees gathered for the spectacle were decidedly unamused.)

Also humorous—apparently—was a authorize marking Schreiber’s scheduled parking area, referring to him as “El Presidente.” These days Schreiber, who—unprefer many at The Blaze—continues to think it funny, keeps the parking sign on a bookshelf in his office.

Schreiber, for his component, rejects the concept that he has actually somejust how acquired Rasputin-choose influence over Beck, and also encouraged him to explode his company and also banish everyone who had actually been cshed to him. It’s a scenario he finds ludicrous.

“What if we reverse that?” Schreiber emailed The Daily Beast. “Glenn Beck, brilliant media mogul, realized he was unhappy in the direction his company was going so he lugged in brand-new blood. The goal being to put the agency in the best direction. Through that procedure we separated through many kind of people. Some will certainly be missed, some less so.”

Schreiber added: “When I asked for the org chart , I obtained something that looked prefer the solar mechanism. Not exactly HBS kind stuff.”

Schreiber defended his tenure at The Blaze and Mercury Radio Arts.

“I am extremely proud of my work-related below, I am incredibly proud of the society we have actually developed AND PROUD OF the world WE have actually been able to carry in to the fold,” he emailed. “2015 was an excellent year for MRA ­we had 2 bestoffering publications, Glenn’s radio present CONTINUED TO PERFORM STRONGLY AS THE #3 RADIO SHOW IN THE COUNTRY and also did really well financially... THE Blaze IS POSITIONED WELL TO FURTHER MAXIMIZE ITS POTENTIAL IN 2016.”

As for complaints around his leadership style, Schreiber emailed: ”hat’s life... ESPECIALLY DURING TIMES OF CHANGE AND TRANSITION. No one likes to admit that they are not here because of themselves, it need to be Voldemort.”

Whether Glenn Beck demands the magic of wizards to save his media dream stays to be seen—yet suppose the denouement to his own fantastical tale to be eextremely little as dramatic as a Harry Potter movie.