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We are still without heat. Luckily Spring has actually come early on to our area and we have some backup heating. I would certainly warn anyone thinking around doing organization with Great Bear renwable Energy. The Salesguy that marketed us this mechanism is no much longer through the company. Still we were told particular things that showed incorrect. We were told that this pellet fireplace would be a standalone system, a "collection and forget" s...Read more

Description of Work In the fevery one of 2012, we purchased a Pellet burning firelocation from Great Bear Renewable Energy. Thye unit was priced well, the Salesmale answered all our inquiries, and the firelocation was delieverd and also mounted. Very shortly after starting to usage this unit, we disciovered that it would not run the method we had actually been bring about think. It would certainly call for MUCH more attention and servicing then we had meant (we were told it would certainly be a "collection and also forget" system). Our inquires for business, concerns, and additionally instructiion and also indevelopment were in some instances recieved via hostility !! As time went alengthy, we learned how to ideal use this heating system, just how it would best serve our requirements, and gained usage to the day-to-day cleaning that it requires. Then suddenly late one Friday night, it falls short. The unit's "control panel" is flashing lights warning of an error. Problem is that none of the Owner's Guide(s) explain what the error code suggests. A Saturday morning speak to to the company's office gained us the answer that a second cleaning was necessary, a special cleaning that just their personnel can percreate and that it would certainly not be extended under warrenty. When might they execute this cleaning? Next Monday afternoon, maybe Tuesday at the latest. "But we'll be without heat for all that time." "Sorry, we aren't going to have the ability to help you untill then". (Did I say we live in northern New Hampshire?) On Monday, I get a call that their Technician will be by on Tuesday afternoon. Wait!! I was told they would certainly be below this day, Monday? "Oh no, we are only open a 1/2 day on Monday" (?)