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Jimmy Garrett has actually been functioning on the front lines of the solar industry for over on a decade. Jimmy has a passion for sustaincapability and social obligation, however remains a firm-jawed pragmatist. You’ll watch at a kosid.organce that Jimmy really loves his work. But he’s likewise many fun. For circumstances, he renders and collects toy soldiers, and provides them in fancy, table peak battle games. He additionally plays the guitar.

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Kathy has actually over six years of experience in the solar industry, covering task administration, style, process breakthrough, sales and marketing. She is a certified NABCEP PV Installation Professional, through a background in mechanical design. In her totally free time, you’ll uncover Kathy hiking, riding her bike, or listening to live music.

Anthony functioned his means up from an apprentice electrician to a grasp electrician in the solar industry. With over a decade of endure, Anthony brings a multitude of endure and also ability to the Environment-friendly Light Solar team. He is also a certified NABCEP PV Installation expert. Needless to say, he"s a solar guru. Anthony"s hobbies include snowboarding, playing basketround and spfinishing time with his family members.


Lauren uncovered a home in solar over 2 years earlier, through one of the a lot of imaginative backgrounds on the team. Lauren graduated through a degree in theater arts, and still enjoys coming up via artistic options in her day-to-day. She has actually always been a solid believer in renewable power, and sees every solar panel mounted as a step closer to a cleaner, happier planet.

I began working in the solar sector in 2018 and also couldn’t be more thrilled. I love helping others meet their desires of developing their very own clean energy. Not just execute I gain to help others do this but I feel I am doing my component to assist out the environment. New amazing solar innovation is arriving all the moment and I am stoked to watch what comes next! If I am not working, I am hanging with my hubby and 2 beautiful little girls that we have been blessed with.
Morgan joined the solar sector in 2017 after graduating from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Firm. In her free time Mbody organ loves to spend time by water and also hang out through her family members and also friends.

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Amy started functioning in the solar market in 2019, coming from a background in oil & gas. She loves learning about solar, and just how valuable it is for the atmosphere. When Amy is not functioning, she enjoys hunting, fishing, and the majority of of all spfinishing time through her beautiful family.
Shaine dedicated his career to solar in 2017 and also hasn"t looked back given that. With a background in building and teleinteractions, Shaine is just one of our most technically-expert and also is a herbal leader. If he isn"t installing solar, you can probably discover him on a lake wakeboarding and also enjoying the outdoors.
Patrick is an expert in solar and also electric building and construction. Before joining us in Texas, Patrick was making solar happen on the west coast and Utah. He has actually over six years of suffer in solar, and also close to two years of endure in electric. If he"s not in his kayak fishing, he"s thinking around.
Casey joined the solar sector through a background in computer system design. He considers solar installation a craft, and approaches his work with the focus and enthusiasm to create a masterpiece. Casey considers himself an old spirit. His favorite quote is, "Everypoint that the light touches is ours."
Robb considers himself fortunate to have actually stumbled upon Eco-friendly Light Solar in 2015. He was as well a lot of a hippy for the oilarea, and uncovered himself appropriate at home at a quickly thriving solar agency. Drawing from a previous life as a working musician, Robb enjoys logistics for the selection and also difficulties that come with the occupational.
Tertia has a passion for making the world a far better and brighter place for future generations. She has actually found her means of helping make that possible by joining the Green Light Solar Family. Tertia is additionally a little of a "nerd" and also loves playing video games and collecting DC Comics and merchandise.