Harry Winston Radiant Cut

Radiant cuts have made a large splash in the world of diamonds, and for great reason. These diamonds are brilliant, eye-recording and classical. But why? What makes this shape so special?


What is a Radiant Cut?

The radiant diamond has a brilliant-reduced facet pattern on both the crvery own and the pavilion of the diamond. This means the 70 facets of a radiant reduced, either in a triangular or kite shape, radiate from the facility of the stone, giving the diamond more sparkle and shine. Radiant diamonds have actually cropped corners, and also can either be very square or slightly even more rectangular. These cropped corners make this form perfect for women who live energetic lifestyles, considering that the diamond will not catch on anypoint while you’re on-the-go.

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The shape of a radiant diamond is similar to that of an emerald, however its cut makes it much more brilliant. It is frequently believed of as a modern hybrid between a round and emerald diamond bereason of its near-square appearance and cropped corners. It is thought the best radiant reduced diamonds have a level peak surconfront, recognized as a table, that takes up more than 61% of the diamond’s visible width.

Radiant diamonds lure a lot of color, so many diamond experts recommend going no lower than a I color. This form hides inclusions well, so it is recommfinished you remain at a SI2 or above when buying a radiant cut diamond. So, as soon as you are shopping for a radiant cut diamond, you don’t must prioritize clarity as much as the various other 4 c’s, carat, cut and also color.


History of the Radiant Cut

Henry Grossbard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company type of initially designed the radiant cut in 1977. Prior to the advent of the radiant cut, all diamonds through a near-square form were thought about much less brilliant than other cuts. Grossbard set out to show the world square and also rectangular diamonds might capture the same sparkle as round stones, and also he thrived. The result of his efforts was a step-cut diamond with a kosid.org that can rival also the a lot of incredible oval, round or pear form diamonds. The radiant reduced is also well-known as the first reduced to usage a brilliant facet pattern on both the crown and pavilion, which gives it even even more sparkle.


Celebrities and also the Radiant Cut

Because of its incredible sparkle and contemporary shape, celebrities have actually always been fans of the radiant reduced diamond. Whether they’re walking dvery own a red carpet or simply shielding their encounters from the paparazzi, the radiant diamond is the perfect accessory for any type of celebrity in the public eye.

When Jennifer Aniston walked dvery own the aisle for the second time to marry Justin Theroux, she wore a breathtaking, 8-carat radiant reduced diamond on her finger paired via a yellow gold band. The sparkle of her diamond nearly overshadows her beautiful, megawatt smile!

Drew Barrymore’s former husband, Will Kopelguy, proposed to the actress via a beautiful, 4-carat radiant cut diamond paired with a band covered in smaller diamonds.

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When Khloe Kardashian shelp yes to Lamar Odom, she likewise shelp yes to a dazzling 12.5-carat radiant rock from Vartan’s Fine Jewelry. The ring is approximated to be worth roughly $850,000!

Megan Fox and also her longtime love, Brian Austin Green, celebrated their engagement with a 3-carat radiant cut diamond which she pairs with a corresponding eternity band also.

Back in the early on 2000s once Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck were well-known as “Bennifer,” the stars were planning to tie the knot with a 6.1-carat Harry Winston pink radiant diamond worth a whopping $2.5 million! Although the pair never made it down the aisle, this ring was a showstopper during their brief engagement.

Former Disney Netjob-related star, Hilary Duff, accepted a 14-carat radiant cut diamond from previous love and also hocessential star, Mike Comrie. The ring was worth an estimated $1 million!


Ideal Setups For A Radiant Cut Diamond

Due to the big variety of celebrities who rock radiant cut diamonds, you don’t have to look far for motivation if you want to see how this cut have the right to be worn. But just how execute you recognize which establishing will really make your diamond sparkle and shine?

The cut of a radiant diamond provides it sparkle the second it hits any type of light, so this diamond does not require an detailed setting to really make it pop. Many women choose a solitaire radiant diamond to put every one of the emphasis on the diamond. But if you want to include a tiny little bit of extra sparkle, you have the right to additionally pair a radiant cut center rock via a band featuring tiny diamonds all the way roughly. This will certainly encertain that your finger is sparkling from eextremely angle!

Or take it up another notch and pair your radiant diamond with a halo setting—just make sure you’re wearing sunglasses so you aren’t blinded by the remarkable sparkle!


If a halo establishing is not your style, try pairing your radiant diamond with two side stones or baguettes. Although you may think this would certainly drawn attention ameans from the facility stone, it will certainly actually carry out the opposite, bringing the emphasis ideal ago to the primary attractivity.

Radiant cuts are known to be a modern-day style, yet that doesn’t mean they don’t look tremendous in a much more vintage-inspired establishing. Feel complimentary to pair your radiant diamond with an intricate setting as long as you store the band thin so it doesn’t take overpower the facility rock.

One thing to remember is to stick via the four-prong establishing, which will hold the stone securely in place. A bezel setting can limit the light mirroring out of the rock, so if you’re choosing a radiant diamond for its sparkle, make sure to stop this establishing.

As you have the right to watch, the radiant cut diamond will certainly stand out in virtually eextremely setting you might imagine. Whatever setting you decide on, make certain it is one that speaks to you and also your personality. After all, this ring will certainly be on your finger for the remainder of your life, so pick one that will certainly make you smile whenever you check out it!