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Great starter agency when I was working tbelow, excellent crews, the project was steady and also fun, company gave all necessary tools, which is hard to find in a firm. Overall a good company to occupational for.

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Here at Hooked on solar is a great place to job-related at everyone wants to check out you succeed and give you all the tools to be effective in the firm if you put in your hard work and go it your all the agency will certainly watch it and reward you for it, if you come in through a "go gain them" attitude then the sky is the limit below I truly feel favor I'm at house in the company and also everyone is impressive to occupational through below
-Productive work-related environment-Management is readily available-I've learned a lot about the ins and outs of solar-I reap working with my coemployees
Everyone is nice and easy going. Majority of the jobs in the office are independent so the majority of of the people store busy to themselves. Quiet and an excellent functioning setting.
When joining a solar company you suppose specific things, this one was my second in 5 years so I intended brief term on my means earlier to completing college. I poured my time and support out to this firm and made genuine successes in advancing this companies all at once purposes and also earnings, in return after two years I finished up with damaged assures of guided training, mentoring and also constant testimonial points and also breakthrough. I was in continuous cases of horrible gossip sessions and undermining plots versus various other employees as I stood witness to the bored and seasoned veteran staff who were bitter and under phelp, bent on anger and dissension toward fellow team mates. I was relieved and joyful once ultimately let go. I expect I should pay my bills yet it was nearly a mercy they terminated me. It was likewise a joke, I was told a number of times my place would certainly obtain attention to evaluation, to save me in the loop on exactly how I was doing and also plenty of warning for correction to be made, after being exploited for several other big and also responsible attributes at this firm without negotiated pay increase and also 2 years of connection building and effective work-related performed, I was broadsided and also dumped for never before debated problems, not even a single compose up or counseling to self correct.. Wperiods below are compatible to quick food franchises and also administration is in grained in games, gossip, favoritism. I personally witnessed discrimicountry against armed forces business members, age discrimination, gender discrimination,nepotism,harassment,open up disrespect against upper administration and ownership, individual disrespect, and unexpert habits you would expect to check out in junior high school. All of which were reported over the years yet neglected because of no HR representation till recently. This company is pretty on the surconfront yet a horror story behind the scenes.