I don"t know exactly how to gain a solar eclipse to happen. If there is a glitch to carry out it I would certainly prefer to know how to carry out the glitch. How execute I make a solar eclipse?

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In the PC version of Terraria, the just method to manually begin a solar eclipse is by crafting and utilizing a solar tablet. This item is only easily accessible on COMPUTER, so unfortunately for mobile you are not able to deliberately begin a solar eclipse. You"ll need to wait until one happens normally. They only begin to occur (with a 5% possibility each day) after beating at leastern one mechanical boss.


A web page can be found right here arguing various means to make this happen, and this is not an OFFICIAL GUIDE even more of a conversation web page which civilization seem to beleive work-related for example:

Slightly increased the chance for an eclipse to take place, but they will now just happen after killing a Mechanical Boss So does that suppose that each time there"s a solar eclipse, you have to kill an additional mechanical boss to get the following eclipse? Or simply that killing a solitary mechanical boss enables any kind of number of eclipses? -- KhymChanur (talk) 02:48, 10 October 2013 (UTC) its a boolean, if player has killed a mech boss, then eclipsi will take place. 03:07, 10 October 2013 (UTC)


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On mobile (I"m on mine) a solar eclipse just happens by chance at night, so you don"t have to kill any kind of mechanical bosses...


On mobile after night there is a little opportunity a solar eclipse will certainly replace the day if you’ve bconsumed a mechanical boss I might be wrong it might be all three mechanicl bosses.

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