How to tab solar cells

When learning solar cell soldering, that better to copy than the Chinese manufacturers themselves? :-)

Solar cell soldering is a skill that is not for civilization through big, rough hands.At the very same time it is a relatively easy point to learn, yet it comes through a few basics that must be carefully adhered to.

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Which devices is required for solar cell soldering?

First of all, for excellent outcomes a top quality soldering iron is necessary.The widespread typical for instance in China is a 90 or 130 Watts soldering iron.The size of the soldering tip might differ, but can not exceed the dimension of the tab ribbon that is soldered on the cell.Soldering temperature is crucial right here. The ideal temperature depends on the solder melting temperature that you"re using, so you deserve to look that up.

Soldering flux: tab ribbons execute not stick, what went wrong?

In order to solder the tab ribbons to the solar cell, PV manufacturers apply soldering flux to the tab ribbon.This is done to rerelocate any oxidation and it will make certain that the ribbons will certainly stick to the solar cell perfectly.On the photo listed below you see tab ribbons in a bath of soldering flux. The soldering flux is offered to rerelocate the oxide from the tab ribbons or bus ribbons. Once the oxide has been removed, the ribbons deserve to be supplied.

Tab ribbon in soldering flux

What is the temperature of the soldering iron?

The temperature is essential, and also deserve to vary from 300 to 450 levels celsius.As pointed out over, it relies on the melting temperature of the solder on the tab ribbons.The hotter the soldering iron, the quicker you deserve to job-related. However before it is crucial not to overheat the solar cells, which will make the cells brittle and will certainly absolutely damages the cell.Overheating the solar cell, which have the right to happen once the soldering iron is organized as well long on the solar cell, will make the solar cell very vulnerable.The hazard is that the solar cell will crack in the time of the lamicountry process.

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Solar cell soldering

The reason why a really hot iron is required is that the solar cells will attribute as a heat sink.When functioning with a hot iron, the cell will basically cool it down.The solder should melt before the cells takes out all the warmth from the iron. The bigger the solar cell, the more warmth you must melt the solder.Manufacturers normally have a heating pad underneath the solar cells during soldering.

Solar cells - string soldering

Observing a well-trained and also proficient perchild soldering solar cells, one will certainly alert that the solder is melting incredibly quick (hot iron) and also the ribbon is attached carefully on the cell within a second.Solar cells are of such high expenses that one have to never before save money on this devices and invest in top quality soldering iron and ribbons.Picking expert soldering irons and also money invested on expensive ribbons (through silver in it) is money well spent

Manual solar cell soldering in factory in China

Automatic solar cell soldering

Nowadays the majority of solar module manufacturers are switching to automatic solar cell soldering. Tright here are numerous advantages to this..

Automatic solar cell soldering

When utilizing automatic soldering, the high quality is even more constant, there are less breakages and thinner solar cells deserve to be provided. Thinner solar cells are of course cheaper..With the arrival of low expense China-made automatic stringing machines, in the future we"ll view more and also more factories using automatic soldering tools.

I am just wondering what flux is used for the "bath" supplied with the tabbing wires. It isn"t 951? Or is tright here an additional kind of flux I deserve to soak the tabbing ribbon in?



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How deserve to one repair the soldering iron, as soon as the primary machine wright here the temperature is been boosted or decreased is beeping the temperature light??