gascon-en-exil asked me about the discourse surrounding Ike"s sexuality for the objective of a cross-fandom task.

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I then remembered that I had actually a lengthy, considerable argument outlined on my desktop that has been sitting tright here for two or 3 years. So I made a decision that I can too lastly obtain around to writing this.I"ve tried to stop making assumptions about the reader. That"s why this point is so long. The footnotes are mostly not essential--they"re there to clarify some points, remark on some odd exceptions, and make lengthy citations. The direct translations below are mine, and also greatly complement up line by line, other than once a % symbol appears to represent that the line and the one over it are rather mixed in order.Full disclosure: I"ve been on the "Ike likes dudes" side of this debate for a long, long time. This is not an encyclopedic article; although I constantly attempt to be objective as possible in my evaluation of evidence, this essay does promote my own opinion. I will attend to counterdisagreements, yet generally for the objectives of making a rebuttal. For what it"s worth, tbelow are some conclusions below that I made over the course of composing this, which Ike-is-gay supporters may find surpclimbing.Table of Contents
Background - A brief explanation of the Fire Emblem series and also the background of the dispute around Ike"s sexuality.By Analogy - Arguments regarding trends in Radiant Dawn and also the Fire Emblem series at huge.Performativity - "In-universe" arguments regarding interactions between Ike and Soren that can be review as romantic.Exclusively Gay? - Some conversation regarding attraction toward women.Ranulf - The majority of this essay addresses Ike"s sexuality through his connection to Soren, however Ranulf is also important to think about. This section discusses Ranulf.Romantic vs Sexual? - Briefly addressing the distinction in between romantic and also sexual orientation.Counterpoints - Addressing prevalent counter-arguments.Queer Representation? - Some discussion regarding Ike and also Ike/Soren in the wider context of LGBT characters in media and so on.BackgroundFire Emblem is a turn-based strategy roleplaying series. Eexceptionally game adheres to the basic format of being break-up into "chapters," each consisting of a map and also scenario (or in some instances a couple of consecutive maps/scenarios) with a win problem that the player should finish to move on to the following chapter. The story is mostly told via scenes at the start and also finish of each of these chapters, in enhancement to conversations that take place on the map itself. A few of this content deserve to just be unlocked if the player accomplishes certain goals, which may be mutually exclusive with the requirements for other unlockable content.

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At the end of the game, tright here are usually a few ending scenes alongside a few lines for each character around sketching out their resides after the events of the game. The latter are dubbed "character endings".The actors of each Fire Emblem game is usually significantly big, perhaps to compensate for its "permadeath" mechanic, where fallen characters are permanently gone (through some minor exceptions). The smallest party dimension is around 30 personalities (FE2), while the biggest is over 80 (FE12), not counting Avatar Log units in FE13. Because of this, just a tiny subteam of characters get any type of substantial amount of display time. In numerous games, this lack of main-game display screen time is counter by optional/unlocked side conversations involving the minor characters. In others, these minor personalities remain little even more than portraits and flavor message for reasons ranging from absence of data space to imhandy mechanics. For this factor, there have the right to be severe inequity in the amount of evidence available for primary personalities and also minor personalities. However, for this writeup, Ike is fortunately a main protagonist (likewise dubbed a "Lord") for both of his games, leaving him in a reasonably comparable position to the other primary protagonists in the series.For reference, the games in the series are as follows:Abbreviation - Title (Notes) - Console (Japanese Release Year/English Release Year or -- if not localized)FE1 - Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light - NES (1990 / --)FE2 - Gaiden (title means "Side Story") - NES (1992 / --)FE3 - Mystery of the Emblem (Sequel to FE1) - SNES (1994 / --)FE4 - Genealogy of the Divine War - SNES (1996 / --)FE5 - Thracia 776 (midquel to FE4) - SNES (1999 / --)FE6 - The Binding Blade (or "Sealed Sword") - GBA (2002 / --)FE7 - Blazing Sword (prequel to FE6; released in the US as "Fire Emblem") - GBA (2003 / 2003)FE8 - Sacred Stones - GBA (2004 / 2005)FE9 - Path of Radiance (Ike"s initially game) - GC (2005 / 2005)FE10 - Radiant Dawn (Ike"s second game) - Wii (2007 / 2007)
FE11 - Shadow Dragon (a remake of FE1) - DS (2008 / 2008)FE12 - New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (a remake of FE3) - DS (2010 / --)FE13 - Awakening - 3DS (2012 / 2013)Before the release of FE10, it was mainly assumed that the "the majority of canonical" love interest for Ike was Elincia without contest, and the issue of Ike"s sexuality was no more an problem than most characters" sexuality is ever an problem. The release of FE10 brought a few surprises: a complete absence of follow-up on Ike/Elincia, bonus content for Ike/Soren, and also paired character endings for Ike and two guys (consisting of Soren). This news elicited some response from the FE community as early as February 2007, once the game was released in Japan, but of course shit really hit the fan once the game was released in America that November and the news acquired out to the gaming neighborhood at huge.Yes, this discussion really has lasted us for seven years.The initial reactivity was fairly ugly. Eexceptionally forum had actually a thread debating Ike"s sexuality, generally declining into substantial flamewars. In some means you might say that this has actually not significantly changed, though I think these discussions have gotten much less heated over the years, and also the basic tone of the conversation has inclined in favor of Ike being queer, even on sites such as GameFAQs. (