Intex Solar Cover Reel

Handling your solar pool cover deserve to be a actual pain. Spfinish less time wrestling with your solar pool cover and also even more time enjoying the water with our top picks for the ideal solar cover reels for eincredibly type of pool.

Solar pool covers are a great investment in your inground or above ground swimming pool.

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For a basic item of fabric, they carry out a lot of worth in regards to regulating the temperature of the water (conserving you lots of $$$ on heating the pool).

That sassist, they deserve to be a hassle to pull out of the water and keep.

Solar covers for your pool, although they are basically tarps, are not immune to being torn and degrading once tossed and folded approximately. Rips, frays, fold marks from being balled up favor a snowball—they all add as much as a damaged cover that doesn’t carry out its job properly.

Go into the solar cover reel.

Pool solar cover reels aid store your pool location organized, protect your pool cover, and also make it much easier to place and also save the cover.

Below is a breakdown of the ideal solar cover reels on the market, including key attributes (like price).

Read on, find the appropriate solar cover reel for your pool, and spend more time in the water enjoying your pool than fighting via your solar cover.

Let’s perform this!

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set

Best solar pool reel for inground pools

It’s not often you discover that civilization go ga-ga over something as straightforward and also as useful as a solar cover reel, but that’s typical of pool owners who pick a VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set.

With over five hundred five-star reviews on Amazon (click right here to review them and also check out current pricing), the VINGLI reel sets attribute a one-hand wheel crank, complete solid tires, handles to make positioning the reel much easier, and anti-slip legs so that you can crank the pool cover quickly and also orderly.

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VINGLI provides these in two various pool sizes, including 14- and also 21-foot models (the 21-foot model is pictured below). The thick tires on the reel suppose you can also conveniently save and relocate the reel as important.

They can fit different-sized pools too, consisting of bean-shaped, rectangular, Oyster shaped pools, and also even more. The cover ssuggest hregarding be reduced to fit the orientation of the pool and the straps on the VINGLI reel are long enough to take care of the remainder.

Well-priced, well-reregarded, and adaptable to simply about any type of inground pool form tbelow is, the VINGLI is our height pick for finest solar pool cover reel.


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