Intex solar pool cover reviews

Imagine the adhering to – it’s Saturday morning, and you’ve waited for this moment for the whole week. You’ve dubbed your buddies, and also you intfinish to spfinish the entirety day in the backyard, enjoying some BBQ, cold beers, and good weather. It is 30 minutes prior to your friends are meant to arrive, so you go out to prep the set, so to sheight.

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You go to your swimming pool, and also, to your horrific surpclimb, it’s extended through leaves and also dirt. The bottom is almost babsence, and also tbelow are dead bugs all over. You forobtained to clean it via the week, and also it’s been raining quite a lot. To make matters worse, the water is nowhere near being warmth sufficient for swimming. Tbelow goes your pool party!


Eextremely swimming pool owner has been in this instance at least as soon as. It’s understandable if you feel rather overwhelmed and also angry. Luckily enough, there is a solution, and it’s far much less facility than you think – a convenient and basic to collection solar cover for your 12ft structure pool.

About the Product

This pool cover is a convenient solar cover for your structure pool. The Solar Cover is specially designed and also produced for 12-foot round pools by Intex Reproduction Corporation. Intex Reproduction Corporation is a company via a lengthy history of production accessories for airbeds, pools, and spas.

With more than 40 years of endure behind their ago, they are an established and also reliable firm. With a mission to minimize carbon footprint, Intex is trying to find methods to produce environmentally-friendly and also efficient remedies.

This particular solar cover represents its mission perfectly. It’s designed via countless air bubbles that are intfinished to deliver the warm to the whole swimming pool.

What is more, the cover is also going to mitigate water evaporation by roughly 95%, and also it’s going to retain the elevated pool temperature levels of the water, eliminating the need to use third-party water heaters such as electric pumps.

A few of the interesting functions of the cover include:

95% reduction of water evaporationAbility to boost and also to retain the elevated warm of the waterIt functions distinct drain holes to proccasion water accumulationIt comes through a reusable carry bag making storage a breezeThousands of air bubbles designed to move heat evenly throughout the entire pool

What to Expect from the Solar Blanket Cover

You might have actually noticed the drainpipe holes which are scattered approximately the center of the cover. These are designed to promote correct water drainage. If water keeps stacking on the surconfront, this is going to rise the harmful impact of great sunlight, and also it’s going to shorten the lifeexpectations of the cover.


Keep in mind that the material that this is made out of is particularly durable, and also it need to easily take care of a couple of periods of continuous intake. Given the unusually low price variety, this is a far-reaching benefit.

It’s necessary to note that the actual dimension of the cover is 11 feet and also 5 inches. However before, this is intended to fit perfectly within a 12ft-diameter frame round pool.

The cover is going to boost the water temperature within the first few days of usage. However before, this readjust is most likely to be only on the surface. If you desire the heat to transport throughout the entire depth of the pool, you should offer it at leastern a week of continuous usage. It’s likewise going to ensure that tright here is no debris and also dirt in the pool.

What Others Say

Looking into various users’ opinions, it’s safe to say that the majority of them are incredibly content via the Intex Solar Cover. They report significant increases in the temperature of the pool water happening in no more than 3-4 days of intense sunlight.

In truth, among the individuals also did an experiment and reported that the basin cover conserved him at least 3 weeks of waiting time compared to Mvarious other Nature dealing with the task on her very own.

Of course, it’s additionally worth noting that tbelow are a few complaints, as it is via every product.

They are concerned the fact that the air bubbles of the solar cover begin to disincorporate after some time. This is totally herbal and to be meant in most pools.

The majority of owners tfinish to overuse various pool chemicals such as chlorine to keep the pool overly sanitized. Excessive amounts of these are inevitably going to harm the cover. However before, need to you save things within the welcomed boundaries, you won’t have actually any issues.

Solar Cover Buyer’s Guide

When selecting an Intex solar cover, or any type of other sort of solar pool cover for that issue, tbelow are a few points to save in mind.

The Size

Almeans identify the correct dimension of your pool. This method, you will make sure that the solar cover you purchase will cover the entirety of the swimming pool.

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The thicker the pool cover, the better heat retention you will certainly uncover. The thickness of many pool covers ranges between 800-1600 gauge. However before, they can be harder to roll up and typically cost even more than their thinner countercomponents.


Solar ring covers come in different trends, while bubble models come in clear, silver and also blue, and blue colors. No issue which color you choose, you want to encertain that it is treated for UV rays, so it doesn’t become quickly damaged by the sun.

Pros of the Intex Solar Cover

With this solar cover, you will certainly find numerous benefits which we have summarized for you below:

Reduces evaporation by up to 95%Keeps the water warmHas drainpipe holes which assist to prevent the buildup of water on the surchallenge of the cover

Cons of the Intex Solar Cover

When under push, it has been reported that the Intex solar cover have the right to tear quickly. This is somepoint you will certainly want to store in mind as you roll it out and also remove it for storage when the pool is in usage.

The Final Verdict

The cover is worth a tiny much less than $30 on Amazon. This is an insubstantial investment, considering the significant return you are acquiring.

Right off the bat, you have the right to quit worrying around having actually to purchase third-party water heaters, such as an electrical pump. Not just won’t you need to buy one, however you likewise won’t have to pay the associated boosted electricity bills also.

At the exact same time, you will certainly likewise have to vacuum the bottom of the pool a lot much less, and you won’t need to clean the surchallenge every single day.


It’s also worth noting that Intex is a reliable agency. Intex has a really in-depth and also user-friendly 30-day rerotate policy. So, If you aren’t content through the product or if you acquired one which was damaged in shipping or once made, you can get a refund or ask for a brand-new one for complimentary. This is fairly reassuring.

If you are tired of having actually to worry whether or not the water pool temperature has dropped substantially during the night or when there’s no sunlight out there, this solar blanket pool cover is the product you’ve been looking for.

The amount that you have to pay for it is nothing in compariboy to what you obtain in return. You will certainly likely save at leastern two times more in power in simply a month after you buy it.

Intex Solar Cover FAQ

Why choose an above ground pool solar cover?

When you pick an above ground solar cover for your pool, the solar cover can effectively raise the temperature of your over ground pool, alleviate your power and heating expenses, minimize water loss, and also also decrease your chemical needs in some instances.

Why perform Intex solar pool covers have actually holes?

Some pool covers have holes in them for safety and security factors. These holes are also helpful in the avoidance of rain and also sprinkler water buildup on the height of the cover. However before, save in mind, not all Intex pool covers have actually holes.

Are thicker solar covers better?

The thickness does matter for above ground pool covers. The thicker the solar cover you use for your easy set and also framework pool, the better warmth retention there will be. Thicker covers also aren’t as conveniently thrown from the pool in windy conditions either. However, you might additionally uncover that the thicker solar covers might be even more of a challenge to put into area and also rerelocate.

Do Intex solar pool covers have actually the mesh screen in the middle?

Instead of the mesh screen, the Intex above ground easy collection pool and also metal frame pool covers are designed with holes in the facility of the covers and approximately the edges. This applies to all covers, via the exception of the household swim center pool covers.

What color solar pool cover is the best?

A clear solar cover is the finest to use for heat gain, while a dark blue solar cover is ideal as soon as it pertains to warmth retention. Light blue covers are reportedly in the middle and are appropriate for both warmth absorption and also retention.

How do swimming pool solar blankets work?

Solar blankets (bubble covers) resemble bubble wrap. Bubble covers warmth the pool by enabling more of the sun’s rays to enter the pool water. The air bubbles on the solar blanket trap the warmth in the time of the night, which results in less heat loss and also warmer water for swimming. You have to try to save the solar cover on as a lot as possible when you are not using the pool.

What is a liquid solar cover?

A liquid solar cover is a thin layer of alcohol that sits on the height of your pool water. Surface anxiety is exactly how this type of cover stays in area. A liquid solar cover and also solar blanket have actually both been discovered to reduce warm loss, yet a solar blanket has actually likewise been uncovered to execute a better task.

Can you run your warmth pump with your solar cover in place?

If you have a heat pump, you have the right to run it while the solar cover is in area. However, you still desire to make certain that the solar cover is in location overnight to proccasion warmth loss and also evaporation.