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Kaneka Solar Hybrid Thin Film Solar Panels – Review of GSA 60 Watt Solar Moduel Sale Prices,Technology

Kaneka is a Japanese company which is existing in a number of product categories favor chemicals,sensible and expandable plastic commodities, foods items, life scientific research assets and also man-made fibers.However the main focus of the firm is in Thin Film Solar Panels.Kaneka has actually been arising amorphous silsymbol thin film modern technology given that 1980 and also has actually progressed production into occurring better performance tandem microcrystalline silicon solar panels.The company likewise sells transperant view through solar panels.Note Thin Film Technology is encountering existential hazard from the fast price reduction in the mainstream crystalline silicon modern technology which comprises around 85% of the international solar panel industry.Kaneka sells its solar modules under the HYBRID brand also name which describes its hybrid tandem thin film silsymbol technology.Note other suppliers choose Sanyo,Mitsubishi.Oerlikon have actually likewise developed this develop of innovation which offers higher effectiveness solar panels as it captures a bigger part of the solar spectrum.

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Kaneka Solar Panel Production

Kaneka have the right to create over 150 MW/year in our Toyooka Factory.This plant is in Toyooka city, Hyogo prefecture,Their next goal is to expand also to 1GW/year approximately 2015.HYBRID Solar Panels – The company’ HYBRID solar panel has actually a tandem structure that absorbs both the blue and red ends of the light spectrum enabling it to transform even more of the sun’s light right into power.Features of the HYBRID Technology

1) Kaneka’s HYBRID solar panel has a tandem structure.Its dual-layer structure of microcrystalline and amorphous silsymbol have the right to capture from short to long wavelengths of the light spectrum, enabling the HYBRID to transform even even more sunlight into power. This improves the performance of power generation, and also produces approximately 30% better power output than traditional thin-film amorphous silicon panels.

2) Unprefer standard crystalline panels, the HYBRID cells enable it to perdevelop even if part of the panel is shaded

3) Because of HYBRID’s cell structure, low angle (5 degree) roof installations are feasible without a far-reaching loss of power generation by shadow.

Kaneka GSA 60 Watt Solar Modules – The Kaneka 60 watt solar panel is a amorphous silsymbol thin film panel and performs better in greater temperatures which is characteristic of thin film solar innovation.. Kaneka solar panels are best suited for grid-tie and also water pumping applications. The lowest retail prices of the GSA 60 Watt Solar Panel is around $100/watt which is $1.6/watt.Note this is one of the lowest prices of a 60 watt solar panel price in retail.Here are the various other features – Power warranty of 25 years (80% and Product guarantee for 5 years.It is UL and also IEC 61646 tested and certified and also has Dimensions of 39x39x1.6

Kaneka Solar Panel Prices

The Kaneka 60 Watt Solar Pallet retails of $85.Note some wholesale solar panel providers are selling it at $3.5-4/watt or more than $200 for this 60 watt panel which is too high.Note many of the solar panel sellers are selling at this price which is crazy considering that you can buy the cheapest crystalline solar panels at $1.5/watt which is even more efficient that the amorphous silicon solar panels from Kaneka

Kaneka additionally sells solar panels in the 55 watt,100 Watt ,105 Watt and 110 Watt Range.Kaneka corporation manufactures watch throug solar cells while Taiyo Kogyo manufactures watch throug solar assets.TSS(Taiyo See-via Solar) is a high performance glass which deserve to geneprice electric power via photovoltaics. In addition, the glass features as a heat shield staying clear of extreme solar warmth gain.

Amorphous vs Crystalline Silicon Technology

1) Efficiency – The Efficiency of Amorphous Silsymbol Solar Panels is about 7-10% depending on various manufacturers while that for crystalline silsymbol panels deserve to differ from 15% for widespread solar panels to 20% for the the majority of effective solar panels from sale by Sunpower.Keep in mind the effectiveness of Monocrystalline Silicon Cells is on the better side.

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2) Cost – The expense of a-Si solar panels is primarily lower by 15-20% because of the efficienydifference with crystalline silsymbol panels.However the drastic autumn in prices of crystalline solar panels of late has made the differnece lower which has affected the sales of Amorphous Silsymbol Panels

3) Weight – The Weight of Amorphous Silicon Panels is much lower than that of normal Crystalline Silsymbol Panels because the Thin Film that is supplied suggests that the substrate have the right to likewise be thinner.

4) Availability – Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels are much even more widely and conveniently accessible than A-Si Panels

5) Flexibility – Its feasible for Amorphous Panels to be versatile because their reduced weight suggests they have the right to be put on flexible substrates choose plastic .This is not possible through crystalline silsymbol solar panels.

Kaneka Competitors in Amorphous and also Tandem Silicon Solar Panels

Oerlikon– This Swiss manufacturer does not make amorphous silicon solar panels,it sells the devices which makes solar panels.The firm remains the only huge pure play manufacturer of a-Si equipment after Applied Materials referred to as it a day.The company is claiming low prices at a lot better performance for its brand-new devices.Oerlikon has shelp that its new generation devices will cuts price to 70c/watt and also enhance efficiency to 10% from the current 9%.This tools will certainly be shipped to Eastern customers like Astroenergy by 2012 making it competitive with various other solar technologiesEnergy Convariation Devices – After First Solar,Energy Conversion Devices appeared the greatly most likely viable agency in Thin Film Technology.After a few quarters of revenues in 2008,the company went into the red as its flexible a-Si modules fairesulted in reduced prices as quick as others.It has actually been shutting factories in the US and also moving to low price areas.Still among the best independent Thin Film Producers.Seems more likely that it will be bought out then make it through separately.The firm is dealing with troubles currently as its triple junction amorphous silsymbol cell innovation has much better expenses than the presently available crystalline silsymbol panels.Masdar – Masdar, Abu Dhabi owned Eco-friendly Company type of plans to develop a Solar Thermal plant called “Shams 1? near Abu Dhabi. Masdar PV has been in the news freshly with the Dismissal of its height executives as its Gerguy Thin Film plant is facing trouble.Masdar PV sourced modern technology and equipment from Applied Material’s Thin Film Division which is struggling to make it through versus the onslaught of Crystalline Silsymbol (c-Si) competition.Applied Materials has actually dramatically lessened assistance to its “SunFab” amorphous Silsymbol (a-Si) thin film modern technology via 90% drop in Poly Silicon prices making a-Si modern technology uncompetitive.Q-Cells andSuntech,two major customers of Applied Material’s SunFab product have already created off their investment.With these two Solar Stalwarts failing to make a-Si assets viable,it is highly unmost likely that Masdar PV will get a lot success from this endeavor.Astroenergy – This is a Chinese firm which is component of the Chint Group of service providers.Astroenergy sells crystalline solar panels and tandem and also amorphous silsymbol solar panels.The firm wishes to survive the onslaught of competition with the help of its big parent and giving a countless forms of solar panels targeted in the direction of all teams.Trony Solar – Trony Solar is the largest Solar Thin Film Producer in China and also provides a-Si Technology to producer Solar Panels offered mostly in Off-Grid Applications.TRONY is located in the Longgang District in Shenzhen. By 2015 the company plans to accomplish production of 1,000 MW thin film solar cells by three steras The firm provides its very own practice made devices and manages to acquire decent margins for its assets.The company freshly noted on the HK Stock Exchange.

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